Regaine foam for Men (Containing Minoxidil) is one of the most effective treatments to combat baldness and stimulate the scalp. The concentration of the minoxidil is 5% hence it is known as Minoxidil 5% Regaine foam for Men. In America and its neighboring countries it is also known as Rogaine for Men It involves a three month treatment supply in the form of easy to use safety foam. It re-grew hair in 85% of men after 4 months when used twice daily. It is the first and only FDA-approved hair re-growth product. The most common type of the hair loss is because of the because of androgenetic alopecia. Heredity hormones and age all play a part in this condition. In AGA the genes and hormones in your body have a shrinking effect on your hair follicles and does not allow the hair to re-grow.
Benefits Regaine foam for men Minoxidil 5%
* Regenerates hair follicles,
* Slows hair loss,
* Improves blood circulation to the scalp,
* Fueling the growth of hair,
* The results of hair re-growth are clinically proven,
* It goes on easy and dries quickly.
It is the most effective ways for the treatment of baldness and to stimulate hair growth. Regaine Laboratories discovered one of the most effective ways available to treat baldness and promote hair growth. It in particular prevents hereditary hair loss with positive results over 80% of users after only four months of treatment. It requires no use of surgery; it contains an active ingredient MInoxidil known for his action at the cellular level on the scalp. It acts in depth to promote blood circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair follicles, blocking phenomena, strengthening existing hair and stimulating secondary growth and promoting hair growth. Studies showed that 50% of people using this product found a large growth of hair after twelve months of use.
It should be applied twice in a day once in the morning and once in the evening. Care should be taken that the foam is properly applied you’re the area where there is a hair loss. At night, apply at least 2 hours before bedtime to allow the product to dry. Each bottle is for about 1 month of treatment. It is not suitable for people under 18. Do not exceed recommended dose.

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I am suffering fro androgenic alopecia and due to which i have lost most my hair. For the last three months after using rogaine foam also called as regaine foam my hair loss has reduced and there is growth of new hair starting. Hence, i felt that i should let know everybody about this product.