Regardless of what Dan Kennedy says, YOU ARE NOT A MARKETER!


So, you know what, stop trying to be one!


You are a leader, through and through!


You carry an amazing energy that can change lives and also, MAKE YOU A LOT OF MONEY!


But you think you have to do things the way ‘THEY’ say and it feels Icky!


Totally icky but being the champion you are, you keep trying…


You keep trying to put the right words in the right place, do the right things at the right time but it just AIN’T WORKING!


You are not reaching the people you want to reach…


They say nice things about you but they just don’t buy!


And that, my dear, is because you ain’t no marketer




And all this crazy attempts to be anything other than that, makes you seem weak, small and nothing but a money-grabber!


And who wants to follow some weak, money grabbing person?




I ain’t saying that all those wonderful marketing techniques cannot work – Yeah they can… in the right hands…


In the hands of those who LOVE checking numbers and conversion rates and all that jazz but we, leaders…!


We cannot do that for long…


And frankly at this stage in your business, you do not need to!


Hey, you can get a marketer on staff when you rich and famous but for now, let me teach you to play to your strengths…


TO OPEN UP TO YOUR STRENGTHS in the first place because the reason why you are chasing all that strategy and technique is because you are HIDING!!!!


YOU KNOW YOU CARRY SOMETHING POWERFUL and yet, you just do not know how to release it.


You are scared that people will reject you and so you hide…


You hide so much!!!


And even when you think you have the ‘need to hide’ beaten, you see yourself go look for some other ‘guaranteed’ strategy again, instead of doing what you know, in your heart of hearts, must be done.




Enough, leader!


It is time for you to shine!!!!!


To let your strengths out for all to see!!!


And I can tell you exactly how…


DM Live –


At this one day event to massively boost your online sales, I will help you deal with all those dark places and shine a light on them…


You ABSOLUTELY WANT to come join me there…


Because I get you!


I understand your weaknesses and your strengths and I can help you distil them all out…


Yes, you will leave with strategy and plans and blueprints and all that but mostly, you will break through!


YOU WILL BREAK THROUGH all those limitations that keep you from shining, from being powerful… We are going to break through!


I will not hold back…


I will look you in the eye and call the leader inside of you out!


You will KNOW what it means to feel powerful!


To feel healed and to KNOW that you are powerful and able to grow this business that you have had in your dreams forever!




Register NOW –

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live!

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online