If you're searching for exercises idea to get rid of your stomach fat, you already one step ahead of all those morons out there who still believe in quick-fix and magic-pills solutions. However, do not fall into false perception that doing hundreds reps of abs exercises every day will solve your problem. It won’t. With that kind of exercise, you'll have your six pack, but it will be hidden beneath a layer of belly fat and no one will know that it even there. Yes, that's including yourself.

The right way to reduce your abdominal fat is performing full body exercises get rid of all of the excess fat on your body. You simply can’t concentrate your training on a specific spot and expect to remove the surplus fat there. It will not work. Your objective now is having around 10% body fat (for male that wants his 6-pack abs visible) or 15% (for woman who wants flat tummy).

The Best and Most Efficient Workout

There are numerous great full body exercises that you can do to burn fat, yet the most recommended (and the simplest) is squat. This is because squat uses more muscle groups under a heavy load than most other weight bearing exercises. Thus, it is very effective in stimulating body composition transformations (muscle gain and fat loss) and hormonal response (like growth hormone and testosterone).

It's possible to add additional weights such as dumbbells or kettlebells while doing squats, but if you aren't confident with those yet, using only your own bodyweight is the best option. It will still offer you better and faster result than spending hours in a fitness machine while doing boring low intensity cardio.

The way to do a traditional bodyweight squat correctly

To perform a typical bodyweight squat, first stand with your feet just greater than shoulder-width apart. Put each of your hand behind your head and keep your elbows back. Next, start the movement by moving your hip backward and “sit” on the "chair".

Push to your limit. Squat as deep as you possibly can while keeping your low back tensed in a normal position. Ideally, the entire process of lowering your hip should take about two seconds. Hold of a second, then return to the start position.

Another alternative: making use of extra weights

If you decide to use extra weights, there are several ways to do it: barbell back squats, front squats, and overhead squats. The only distinction here is the position of the bar. In back squats, the bar is placed on the upper back. In front squats, the bar is placed on the shoulders before the head. As for overhead squats, you hold the bar overhead during the entire session.

Squat will not train your ab directly, yet it is the most recommended simple exercise for fast fat burning. I can assure you that doing squats in regular basis can give you far better result than any ab exercises out there. So make sure to equip yourself with the right knowledge and exercise plan to get rid of all those excess fat; otherwise, you’ll just jump from one “exercise to reduce stomach fat” to the other without any real, tangible results.

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