Regular fleet maintenance means having to spend less money on unforeseen problems in your vehicles.

Let’s look at the figures for proof. If you have a fleet of 100 vehicles with one out for repairs each week because its problems went unnoticed (since it wasn’t part of a regular fleet maintenance schedule) and these unnoticed repairs costs you $500 for repairs . At this rate, 52 vehicles out per year will end up costing you $26,000 each year.

But if you purchase a quality fleet maintenance software package and you therefore maintain and inspect your fleet’s vehicles regularly, resulting in a decline in unscheduled repairs of even just 10 percent, you would save $2,600 a year. Find that you have a 25 percent decline in unscheduled repairs and you’d save $6,500; 50 percent would see you saving $13,000 a year. (If your repair costs are higher than $500, then a corresponding decline in unexpected repairs would be even greater). Additionally, these vehicles would be “available for use during these times and could be generating revenue instead of additional expense.

Regular fleet maintenance also extends the life of your vehicles, which means you possibly could replace your vehicles in 10 years instead of 6. This would save a substantial amount of money for each vehicle you’re able to run longer.

When you purchase and implement a Fleet Maintenance system, you will undoubtedly find that your labor costs decline because your managers will know exactly when to schedule mechanics for peak efficiency.

Speaking of efficiency, a good fleet maintenance software program also allows you to track fuel usage and mileage figures for each vehicle in your fleet. You’ll be able to track the number of miles between each vehicle’s refueling. You will know which vehicle gets the best mileage, which driver can squeeze the most fuel from the vehicle, and which routes cost you the most in fuel.

You can track when tires are placed on a vehicle and log when they are repaired or replaced. This will allow you to ascertain which brand is best for your needs. A savings of two cents per mile on a fleet that does a million miles a year will save a mere $20,000.

Of course, implementing a fleet maintenance software program comes at considerable cost. The software purchase itself will run several thousand dollars. The “cost” of getting your staff up to speed also will exact a toll on your accounting sheets -- but just for a short while – the breakeven point with software programs such as this usually arrive fairly quickly.

Purchasing a state-of-the-art fleet maintenance software program will help your company become even more efficient and well run organization. The ROI you’ll receive from your purchase will more than pay for your investment. You, your superiors, your mechanics, your drivers, your accountants and your customers will be very glad you purchased a fleet maintenance system.

Author's Bio: 

Larry Turley has 29 years in the trucking maintenance industry. His experience has allowed him to create a comprehensive fleet management software system, allowing fleet managers to save time and money managing their vehicles.