The purpose of providing a wheelchair for taxi service is to make things easier for people with disability to travel through a car. Some taxi services value your emotion. Professional taxi drivers are there who can help you with the right kind of assistance. When you take someone who is differently-abled with you, taxi services will provide you with a modified vehicle.

 There are some regulations you need to follow for hiring Wheelchair taxi service.

The rules of wheelchair taxi service are slightly different from casual private cab hiring.

  • Vehicles should have equipped with the necessary system and safety measurement.
  • The vehicle should have air conditioning.
  • All the equipment needs to be in good working condition.
  • The floor space allocation for a wheelchair in Taxi service in Clyde is must has a proper measurement in height, width and length.
  • The door entry must be free from any obstruction with proper height measurement.
  • The seat belt must be lap and sash emergency lock type.
  • Lap and harness type seat bell too is necessary.
  • There must be four tied down points for wheelchair

However, in Taxi service provider in Clyde doesn't have separate wheel accessible vehicle, each reputed cab hiring companies provide wheelchair access. The wheelchair service is here is not new; this has started for the longest time. Of course, there are additional charges for booking WAV. But some services take the same fare as a  taxi booking.

The taxi hiring near Clyde facilitates the disabilities service more than normal booking. They have GPS tracking facility, cameras. Also, with disabilities taxi service, they assist. There will always be a person from the hiring team who can help the person with all the safety measurements. These Wheel Accessible service available in all the major places like airport, bus service station, and main city.

There are some strict rules that taxi services follow when they are dealing withWheel Accessible Services:

  • When they get hired for WAV, they don’t do delay. They never make people wait. It is a strict regulation from State authority.
  • Taxi services provide trained and skilled drivers. They have to be trained in the clamping procedure.
  • A WAV booking includes pick up and drop off service, and they retain the car if asked so.
  • Sometimes, there are lacks of WAV service availability at the weekend as it is the time of the party and fun for others. But taxi hiring companies near Clyde do take note on the necessity and make those services available.
  • Drivers are cordial in their behaviour with the passenger.


As you know, even private taxi services are bounded by law enforcement. There are certain rules and regulation they need to follow from the state authority. To make wheel accessible service available is a social responsibility towards differently-abled people. The taxi service industry is also responsible to play their part in society. Though sometimes the cost of WAV services get higher than a normal booking, they try to cut down the costing as much as possible. 

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The author talked about Wheelchair regulation in Clyde and how taxi services should be responsible for the people with disabilities.