It is incredibly difficult to overcome drug addiction without outside help. In most cases the drug user does not realize that he/she has a drug problem and this makes matters even more challenging. If you have considered rehabilitation for a drug problem, it is a great idea to consult with an addiction counselor who is also known as a licensed clinical psychologist.

If you really need rehabilitation for drug abuse, you will recognize these symptoms of drug abuse in your own self;


Simply put, drug abuse occurs when you take drugs in order to get high. These drugs can be prescription drugs or street drugs. You can inject, snort or smoke the drug to get high. If you are taking drugs for their euphoric effect rather than therapeutic effect, you are abusing drugs.

Physical Dependence

When your body becomes accustomed to functioning with the drug in your system, drug dependency occurs. If you are physically dependent on a particular drug, it means that you will have a hard time when the drug is not in your system. Withdrawal symptoms will occur and this signifies that you have a drug problem.

Psychological Dependence

It is definitely not normal to have to have a drug in your system to get you through the day. If you have a hard time living without the drug of your choice, it means that you need help to stop your psychological dependence on the drug. Treatment will help you understand why you started taking the drug in the first place and will help you to develop coping mechanisms to live life drug free.


When a drug addict is on a substance, they will spend their time and energies preoccupied with the drug of their choice. When this unfortunate event occurs the addict will spend their time in using and trying to obtain or even thinking about the drug.


After you become addicted to the drug, you will need increasingly higher amounts of the drug to achieve the same high. This is a sign of drug tolerance and you will need help, professional help to get you off the drug and on the road to recovery.

If the individual recognizes that his drug use is causing a problem in daily life, half the battle is won. The rest of the battle will be fought at the rehabilitation center where the individual has to go through detoxification and rehab. If you or a loved one is in the clutches of drug addiction, search for Inpatient drug rehab, drug rehabs in Houston Texas, Houston Texas Drug rehabs, Drug rehabs in Houston and Houston Drug Rehabs.

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