The final level of Reiki training is commonly called Reiki 3 or the Reiki Master level.

This is the Reiki course where you receive the Reiki Master symbol.

It is important to highlight that the levels of Reiki that precede Reiki 3 are Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and the Practitioner Level of training. Reiki in Ireland is undergoing a process of self regulation.

Schools of Reiki are now being asked to offer the Reiki Practitioner level if they wish to be recognised by the Reiki organisation Reiki Federation Ireland.

How long does the Reiki Master/ Reiki 3 course take?

This level is taught in various ways and over different time frames depending on the Reiki teacher you choose.

Some Reiki teachers teach Reiki 3 over a weekend and others offer more extensive programmes.

If you are considering doing the final level of Reiki training, then there are two important questions to ask yourself. Are you interested in teaching Reiki and in learning how to do attunements, or do you just wish to get the final Reiki Master symbol for your own self use and to use during Reiki treatments.

If you wish to teach Reiki, then I highly recommend that you take part in a structured Reiki teacher training programme. In my Reiki module the Reiki teacher training programme is taught over a six month time frame on a part time basis.

I also facilitate a weekend option for those just interested in receiving the Reiki Master symbol to use in Reiki treatments.

What is involved in attending the Reiki Master Attunement Weekend?

I offer the Reiki Master Attunement Weekend to anyone who has completed my Reiki Advanced Practitioner course. Those who wish to complete the Reiki module and desire to have the Reiki Master Symbol, but who have no interest in teaching Reiki are represented at this Reiki course.

People who attend this weekend with me are not shown how to do attunements on others. This is something which is included in my six month Reiki teacher training programme. Attendees are given the Reiki Master Symbol and are attuned to this symbol. We spend much time doing Reiki treatments and we do a Reiki Master symbol meditation.

Who Attends the Reiki Teacher Training Course?

Anyone who has completed the Reiki Practitioner Module with me can attend.
Not everyone who does this course plans on teaching Reiki. Some attend for their own self development.

Anyone attending this course does not have to do the Reiki Master Attunement weekend.

What is involved in the Reiki teaching programme?

I run my Reiki teaching module over a six month period on a part time basis.
There is a meeting once a month where various aspects of Reiki and Reiki training are discussed.
In between meetings the group are given assignments.

Each participant sits in on and observes me facilitate at least two Reiki 1 classesone, Reiki 2 class one, Reiki Advanced Practitioner level and one Reiki Master Attunement weekend.

Towards the end of the programme there is a weekend assigned to showing participants how to attune people to the various levels of Reiki training.

For more information on Reiki classes and the Reiki Master level visit our website.

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