Imagine what you could do if you had more confidence in your abilities.

How many people have talents they never explore and adventures they never live due to a lack of self belief?

We all have different journeys to live and individual challenges and insecurities to overcome. That said, there is an empowering tool which can help us all regardless of our circumstances.

The gentle energy of Reiki is widely recognised for the benefit of confidence it brings to many people.

Learning how to do self Reiki treatments at a Reiki 1 course is easy. Reiki is practical and user friendly in that you can use it on yourself every day at home, in your office or even if travelling on a bus or train. All that is required is the gentle application of Reiki hand positions on your body.

Reiki energy vibrates at a frequency higher than our basic survival issues, our limiting beliefs and our fears. When we use Reiki energy on ourselves on a continuous basis, our own internal frequency starts to elevate itself.

This shift and elevation in frequency manifests itself as a changed state of mind. Change a mindset and you will observe that the emotional state of a person also changes as well as physical well being.

I recognised in my years as a nurse the importance of peoples’ mindsets. It appeared no accident to me that people who constantly worried were constantly unwell.

I used to contemplate, what would these people experience if they could change the way they think and feel about themselves. In short what would their lives be like if they had a different state of mind.

Everywhere you go you are. Anyone who has done a lot of travelling will tell you that. You can move away from your current physical environment, but if you don’t change your state of mind, you tend to recreate the same challenges and circumstances.

Using Reiki on my-self is what enabled me to change the way I perceive reality. Reiki changed my state of mind and my confidence levels and a natural consequence of this was that my life changed.

I started to experience a new confidence with ongoing self Reiki treatments. By degrees I developed a passion and will to engage with experiences I never would have dreamed of before. Such was my passion for Reiki that I decided to teach Reiki coursesfull time and I left behind my career as a nurse.

My story is not unique. Reiki has changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide. It has been my great honour to see people blossom and flower during my years of teaching Reiki.

There are many testimonials and case histories on my website that reflect the transformational changes that occur following Reiki training courses.

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