During my years as a nurse I observed many people challenged with pain for a myriad of reasons.

Modern medicine with its interventions and medication goes a long way to reduce pain.
However, for those challenged with chronic pain conditions, it is wonderful to have a natural healing method which has no side effects and can assist with pain relief.

I personally became aware of the amazing ability Reiki has in helping to reduce pain, when I had a severe tooth ache shortly after learning Reiki. By just gently placing my hand on my jaw, I could instantly feel the energy going to the area, and the pain subsided. There is nothing like a personal experience to convince you that something works, and that was a major convincer for me.

How Self Reiki treatments helped with a painful back injury

In my years of teaching Reiki courses, I have been witness to wonderful stories from people who attend my Reiki trainings. I frequently hear accounts about how Reiki has helped with pain relief. These stories cover a wide range of challenges including back pain, migraine, menstrual cramps, Chron’s disease to mention but a few.

One of the stories that come to my mind is how Reiki helped Michael a foreman and painting contractor. He sustained a major injury to his T 12 vertebrae and was told it would be challenging to get back to work and for it to heal. He was also warned about experiencing a lot of pain.

Michael had done Reiki training classes with me, and started to use his self-Reiki treatments immediately. Michael returned to work in a short space of time with full mobility.
His consultant was amazed at how well his bone healed.

Louise reduces the frequency and intensity of her Migraine Headaches

Louise attended a Reiki 1 class with me challenged y with severe migraines. She was a teaching assistant at the time, and in her own words, she was lucky if she got a day or two free of migraines. Having had Migraines since she was nine years old, they were getting progressively worse. Her symptoms included loss of sight, sometimes loss of speech as the headache started as well as severe nausea.

Within a month of using Reiki on herself her situation changed radically. Her headaches were down to one or two a month at the most. She reported that on the onset of any headache she immediately used Reiki and the migraine just went away. She no longer uses painkillers. She says that her life is much more relaxed and much more enjoyable now.

It is easy to use Reiki

The beauty of Reiki is that it is easy to use. Once you have completed a Reiki 1 training course, you can administer Reiki energy healing to yourself.

If you are experiencing pain, gently place one or both of your hands on the relevant area. Reiki is not directed by conscious thought and is not an academic discipline, so you do not need to concentrate as you are giving yourself Reiki.

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