The art of Manifesting involves bringing into your reality things you do not have at the moment.
We all have different goals for our lives. Have you ever wondered why you do not have what you desire despite your best efforts and focus?

Important check List before you start Focusing on Your Goals

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How strong is my desire for my goal?
  • How strong is my belief that I will get it?
  • How strong is my acceptance for my desire?
  • Is it in my character to surrender to the perfect outcome, without trying to figure out when and how it will happen?
    (In other words how good am I at detaching from the result!)

Your Mind and Emotions Influence Reality

The things which appear to come into your life with ease and little effort are more than likely the things your life does not depend upon.
The goals we have a genuine and clear desire for, think casually about and are relaxed about usually unfold into our lives effortlessly.

The irony is that those goals you think about all the time and constantly monitor are no where to be seen on the horizon.

Trying too hard and being emotionally attached does not bring success.

A clean detached focus is what makes reality shift

Our minds influence the quantum field of energy. How we observe our reality very much determines how that reality unfolds. Doubt, lack of clarity and emotional attachment only serve to slow down the process of creation.

How Reiki energy can help

Reiki holistic energy empowers our emotional state and our mind.
Reiki helps bring clarity about what we really want.Reiki healing energy also helps us to emotionally detach from outcomes and helps place us in a state of surrender.
Regular self Reiki treatments help us to become more flexible in mind and to be more open ended about how our goals potentially manifest.

Simple Reiki technique to help you with Goal Setting

Write your goal down in written form on a piece of paper.
Place the paper in between both your hands in a relaxed pose.
Reiki the piece of paper for ten to fifteen minutes.
Do not think about what is written on the paper while you are doing Reiki.

When you finish the Reiki process, get on with your day and allow reality to unfold in the perfect moment and in the perfect way.

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