Today we know that quantum physics refers to the energy that exists in the universe, which is transmitted and received by everyone. Both eastern and western therapies, as well as psychology make use of different terms for energy in life, but no healing science rejects its existence. Chakra is the turning wheel of energy in our life affecting our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health, as well as our aura. Chakra balancing ensures the proper health in all fields of our existence.
The aura is an energy field which surrounds our body and interacts through psychological and spiritual levels through the chakras. In simple words, the aura is discernible to physical sight but exists and can affect our physical and mental state. The main chakras exist in the physical body, but also in the layers of our aura. Vibration and speed levels of the energy are increased at each level. This practically means that our consciousness can be manifested on the seven layers of the aura.
Chakra balancing is often associated with reiki healing; here is how reiki can affect the aura, and hence the balance of the chakras.
Our aura extends a few decimeters outside our body; it is strengthened by the attunement, while our consciousness can see what needs to happen in order to achieve maximum health. Reiki can achieve the attunement and the enhancement of our consciousness, giving us the necessary tools to take over our personal development and maintain the control of our life. This control is called chakra balancing.
During Reiki, the different layers of our aura and the energy flow are affected. The emotional and mental healing affects and influences both our aura and the actual organs of our physical body. Reiki healing is based on a gentle process via touch and touch-less therapy which can help chakra balancing by reducing stress and promoting relaxation. It can trigger the natural healing abilities in our body, improving our physical and mental health and allowing us to maintain it. The main goal of reiki is to balance the different life energies, bringing a sense of wellbeing to the emotional, psychic and physical body.
Chakra balancing through Reiki healing is an effective way to attain and promote the wholeness of the body, mind and spirit. When our mind and body relax, we feel more stress free and we are able to understand what are weaknesses are, and thus, heal ourselves naturally.
A regular Reiki therapy will increase the natural defense system of the body, allowing it to fight more effectively to prevent illnesses, while encouraging it to feel more confident, grounded and in harmony, think more clearly and become able to handle the attacks of stress, depression, anxiety and negative energy that come with everyday life. Frequent Reiki treatments can help you achieve chakra balancing through calmness, relaxation and concentration, making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
Chakra balancing with Reiki can stimulate the entire subtle system to a more balanced and harmonious wholeness. It can work as a charger of the spiritual and inner development process, and will help you rid yourself of the acute energy imbalances that affect your chakras.

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Carol Tuttle is a healing expert trained in Reiki and other Chakra balancing healing methods, specializing in helping others to achieve balance and live the life they have been dreaming. Read more at Chakra Balancing