You are carrying out your regular routine and your energy, enthusiasm, and productivity go through high and low depending on the day. Its a holiday and you become relaxed, excited, and dynamic.

We are a servant of our heart and allow thoughts, emotions, and attachments to make us dance to their tunes. At the same time, we want to become masters of our destiny.

Yoga And Meditation
Yogi Buddhadeva often talks about disciplining the mind. Yoga and Meditation is of course the best method of doing that. After becoming a b–my body, mind & soul were nurtured by the activation in the subtle body. When the soul is empowered by prana, increasing all the time –its hidden potentials start coming out. The make-over of the personality begins demanding that you move towards the purpose of your birth. To further take you towards the mission of your life, your mind is made to undergo catharsis at a huge level.

Benefits of Yoga and Meditation
Your thoughts are no longer the same as before since you are no longer dancing to the noise of Maya. Your thoughts now are inspired by the divine, driving you to take up perfection as a virtue to be practiced. Your emotions start becoming more positive as negative, toxic feelings start moving out of your being. As emotions become more balanced, the hormones secreted by the body change for the better. Since hormones coordinate most of the processes, handling of life improves.

Life Coaching
Attachments could bring happiness or sadness but they limit our perception, behavior, and/or state of being. Guruji teaches researches on and shows by example that all karma can be burnt in the fire of divine knowledge. So I suggest that go through various websites of his and get life coaching from him to learn lessons of life before you fall down and hurt yourself. Some people will invest their time, efforts, and money in worldly things only.

Reiki Healing
Balance your life by investing in yourself, spirituality, and the development of inner potentials in addition to everything else you do. It was a nostalgic moment when I initiated a person into Reiki for the first time. I almost went back to the day of my entry into the world of reiki. The effort to prepare my body, mind, and heart was well worth it as I was going beyond the limitations of my persona. We wish to become like the people who inspire us because they set an example to follow.

Reiki healer
Yogi Buddhadeva
Yogi Buddhadeva has always taught us that one should celebrate your uniqueness. Follow your swadharm as only that will fulfill the mission of your birth. To follow your swadharm is to balance your personal growth and all the other things you have to do.

Divine Healing
Since I was a child, I wanted a life that was not only—education, work, and family but with achievements beyond that as well. With Guruji’s teachings, today I have a powerful position in my family, I have done jobs & businesses successfully and moved at a fast pace towards self-realization. You and your family too can gain from the courses, activities, and journey of Yogasth Vidya Rishikesh. On 13th June 2020, Guruji and his healers sent divine energy to the entire world. It was a live youtube event that benefitted a lot of people all over the world. I was also on the healing panel and in the next blogs, I will talk about what it takes to bring out your best in front of the world.

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