In the past, I never thought much about Reiki for brain trauma. Most of the traumas that I have used Reiki on were for car or bike accidents or bad falls, but they never involved the head. When my Reiki student Nancy contacted me to help her on January 5th she said that her fall occurred on November 17th causing trauma to her brain. She was frustrated with how slow her healing process was. When we talked she said that her complaints were double vision, balance issues/dizziness, mind fog, pain levels that needed narcotics, she was not getting good sleep, and her quality of life was not there. This was her third concussion in three years.
This is how she described her existence, “During this time I was spending each day in bed, in a dark room, wearing a black-out mask over my eyes, asking visitors to whisper, relying on family and friends to shop, cook, clean, and deliver my husband and I to our respective doctor's appointments because I couldn't drive. I was a slave to my medication cycle. I was miserable, depressed, and fearful. As much as it hurt my head, I cried. A lot.”
“My concussion specialist had determined that the blow I took to the occipital lobe of my brain had affected the visual cortex. This was the reason for the double vision, loss of general focus and the main reason for the constant dizziness that caused me to lurch when walking and even to feel off balance while sitting. They provided an appointment with a neurology ophthalmologist who, after an exam that made me want to pass out from pain, assessed that vision therapy would help my recovery and that I could expect the process to take approximately five months.”
Most Reiki practitioners would start working right on the head. For me I started looking at how the trauma impacts the person’s energy field. If the energy field and the major energy pathways that bring energy into the body are damaged, they need to be repaired first so that the energy is not leaking out after you put it in. That is where I started, repairing the energy field around the head and the pathways that move the energy to the head and through the head. I also cleared her energy field of the emotional/anxiety energy that gets stuck in the field after any time of trauma. When you can clear out that layer of energy, the Reiki can have a quicker effect on the healing of the body. I used Karuna Reiki™ to clear out the emotional/anxiety related energies. When you clear these out the stress levels decrease and a sense of hope and peace return for the rest of the healing process to take place.
After the repair I begin using Reiki on all the parts involved in the trauma…the brain, the eyes, the ears, and the inflammation. After the first session, my client was able to sleep all night (something she was unable to do for 7 weeks). After the third session her pain was gone and she was able to let go of the narcotics. She also was able to go out and attend a choir practice, eat out, and do a little shopping (all where impossible for her before). I did ten sessions in total in a three week period.
After the fourth session Reiki flowed more freely and would go deeper into the energy field of her brain. I focused a lot on the occipital lobe as well as just keep feeding her entire body to take what it needed for healing on all levels. The feedback Nancy provided the day after each session was very helpful. After three weeks, Nancy was fully functional. Here are her words,
“After several sessions I texted Dawn that I was beginning to feel like myself again, and that I considered the progress nothing short of Divine. I received my last session from her on January 26th. I am writing this on February 5, 2018, eighty-five days, or two and half months after my accident, fully functional once again and feeling good. I owe the Banner Concussion Institute in Phoenix credit for addressing the brain swelling and pain during those first critical weeks, and I am grateful for the informed care they offered. I believe, however, that the Reiki sessions provided by Dawn Fleming over the course of THREE WEEKS (not five months) healed the damaged visual cortex of my brain. I consider these treatment of my condition to be nothing short of miraculous. My deep and abiding gratitude goes to her.”
After witnessing the beauty and power of this miracle and how Reiki can help brain trauma, I encourage other Reiki practitioners to step out of their comfort zones and if the opportunity arises to use Reiki on brain traumas. I can now see how Reiki would be helpful to football players who endure concussion after concussion or military personal returning to from the field who have sustain head trauma. What a beautiful gift Reiki is! I am always in awe and humbled by the continuous results that I see with Reiki.

Author's Bio: 

Dawn Fleming, Energy Expert, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive and Marconics Practitioner. She has been working in the field of energy medicine since 1989. Dawn has clients world-wide. She is the author of many books on Reiki.