Have You ever wanted to get somewhere faster than humanly possible? Do You believe You have the capacity to warp time? Do You believe time is an illusion? Then read on…

The first time I warped time, I had no idea that I was even doing so. I had no conscious thought about warping time. I was aware that time was an illusion though.

My first encounter warping time was when my niece was born in 1996. I drove my sister from Sedona, AZ up Oak Creek Canyon to the hospital in Flagstaff, AZ in 20 minutes. My niece’s father was timing my sister’s contractions on the way up to Flagstaff. Therefore, he knew how long this journey took us. If You aren’t familiar with this area of the country. The road between Sedona and Flagstaff is a windy canyon road. The journey to the hospital normally takes 40 to 45 minutes.

My brother in-law was amazed and kept asking me how I got to the hospital so fast. He could even see the speedometer and knew that I was not speeding, at least not recklessly. I was very aware of taking the turns slowly because I didn’t want to make the labor pains worse. My sister was the first time I had been with a woman in labor.

My niece’s father made me aware that something out of the normal had happened, that I had warped time. I really didn’t think much of it. It took a while before the full impact that I had jumped ahead in the time/space continuum.

At some point later, I read an article about warping time. It gave a fully explanation on how to warp time. I wish I remembered where I read this so I could pass it on. It was then that I realized how I had warped time subconsciously. Here’s the points I remember about how to warp time consciously.

1.See your destination in your mind’s eye. I was visualizing the hospital all the way there. We had just been there that day trying to get my niece to turn in the womb since she was breech.
2.See yourself arriving at a certain time. I live in Nederland, CO and I can get to the hospital in Boulder in 20 minutes if needed and traffic cooperated. The drive is a canyon drive similar to the drive between Flagstaff and Sedona. I really thought it was normal to be able to drive to the hospital in Flagstaff in 20 minute. So I saw us arriving in 20 minutes. Looking back, I’m certain I was energetically driving us in Boulder Canyon.
3.Ignore any landmarks that give You a sense of timing. Pretend You have blinders on. That part was easy. It was dark and I hadn’t driven Oak Creek Canyon enough to have any landmarks that told me I was a certain distance from the hospital. In fact, at this point I think I thought it was only 17 miles between Sedona and Flagstaff. I think it’s more like 27 miles. I never once thought at any point, “We’re only 10 minutes away from the hospital from here.”
4.Trust and know You’ll reach your destination when You see yourself there with clear focus and just pay attention to your journey, the road in front of You. Be relaxed as possible. That’s all I did. Drive and focus on driving quickly on the straight parts of the road and slowly and comfortably around the corners for my sister. I still remember being in what felt like another world or a tunnel, paying attention to the road and how my sister was doing. At the same time knowing I could get there in 20 minutes.
5.Believe it’s possible. Get your analytical mind out-of-the-way. I had no doubt in my mind I could make it from Sedona to Flagstaff in 20 minutes. So it worked then. I now “know” how long it’s supposed to take. So repeating this exact time warping feat might be more challenging if I attempted it again.
Now that You have the basic steps for warping time. You can add Reiki to the formula to make warping time easier. The distance symbol from the second degree of Reiki transcends time and space so everything can be experienced in the now.

You can activate the distance symbol while seeing yourself happily arriving at your destination at a certain time. You can imagine the distance symbol lying on the road ahead of You. Remember to Reiki yourself while You drive to keep focused and calm while driving, walking or biking.

I use this time warping technique often and most of the time successfully. I have been asked more than once, “Did You fly down the canyon?” Why, yes I did, on the wings of Reiki.

Enjoy using this time warping technique. I look forward to hearing how it works out for You. If You get there when You saw yourself arriving and You feel good when You get there. Count it as a success. Even if You only shaved a few minutes.

Reiki Blessings to You!

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By using Reiki and Reflexology Christy DeArment Martin has enhanced her well-being on all levels: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Christy founded Blue Spruce Energetic Wellness, where she teaches other’s Reiki and helps people return to their natural state of wellness with her healing abilities. http://bluespruceenergeticwellness.com. She is a Reiki Master Teacher in the Usui and Karuna lineage. She is also certified in Reflexology. Be on the lookout for the next article on using Reiki in your daily life from The Reiki Muse. http://www.thereikimuse.com