Sometimes Reiki Healers go to a healing share group and find there are silly rules to stick to. In the bad old days in the UK, there used to be a rule at many a Reiki share that only healers from a specific variation of Reiki were allowed to join. I ear that in Cape Town, some Masters giving share groups are even more exclusive. For example, anything to do with aura reading is forbidden, because that is supposed to be part of a kind of Reiki that has a non-disclosure agreement. I was taught it in the Reiki and Seichem system in London, where aura reading (scanning) was just part of what we were all taught to do. And aura reading is not even specific to Reiki. Aura reading is used for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) as well, in order to get to the root causes in a gentle way, rather than ask searching but uncomfortable questions that could distress the client unnecessarily. In fact, reading or scanning the aura is a great technique to use with any energy healing modality.

So why do some Masters who facilitate these shares get touchy about people doing things that are in fact totally innocent and very helpful? Well, in my experience, some Reiki teachers have yet to complete their healing journey. It is as simple as that. The first Reiki Principle is "Just for today, let go of worry", and the second is "just for today, let go of anger". Every serious healer in this beautiful modality has to say these Principles every day. If we try to live by them, we let go of ego, fear, and the need to control.

If you have attended such a limiting share group, do not think the facilitator is above you. You are equals. I found that out when a Reiki Master Teacher was horrible to me one day. We have since made up, I approached her and said I forgive her and thanked her for what she taught me. They are all human, and if they do not always self-heal, they can get big-headed and let ego and fear dictate their feelings and actions. A Reiki Master is one who has truly submitted and allowed Reiki to Master them. A true Master is humble. Let limiting facilitators carry on with their healing journey. If they are too ego-centred, maybe it is time you feel gratitude for everything they have taught you and surround yourself by more positive people.

A true facilitator is never afraid their attendees will steal their method, their ideas, or their turf. There is an abundance of clients, and any good facilitator simply helps others develop and grow. It is all about expansion and not about limitation.

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