Reiki finds its way into our lives in many different ways. And it has found its way into the Big Brother house again just now. I am not sure how I feel about that. I can see that there is a lot of good in Reiki on reality TV shows, and I can also see that it is not exactly best represented on them. So is it a good thing, a bad thing, or just a thing?

Just before writing this article, I watched one of the most self-confessed conniving players on the current Big Brother show giving Reiki to another contestant. I was watching the show with another Reiki Master, and we both cringed. But then, we wondered if the desire to help another in discomfort is actually genuine and not for the cameras this time.

In other words, even the most conniving people, the apparently most self-centred game-players, could have some desire to help others. But do they really, or are they on TV to market their healing skill? If so, what about their conniving, seemingly almost evil side? How does that work? A Reiki Healer, and especially a Reiki Master, takes very seriously vows to be humble. They take very seriously the Reiki Principle of being kind to all others. How do they mix being incredibly unkind in order to win a game show with a technique where every day you do your utmost to be humble and kind?

I deduce, and of course, that is only my personal opinion, that there is no way a serious Reiki Healer or Master can possibly even temporarily give up on being humble and kind. Not even to win a game show. There is the concept of win-win situations. I remember seeing just that in the first UK Big Brother show. The most conniving and nasty contestant said he was a "Reiki Master". He was the one people loved to hate. He played everyone. He was totally two-faced. And he did not win, although he almost did. The winner was a nice man who came on the show to win the money for a worthwhile charity. This charity really meant a lot to him. A win-win situation. And most people, faced with a genuine choice not influenced by negative emotions (which, by the way, Reiki helps to release), would prefer a win-win over a win-lose situation.

So, is game-show Reiki performed by reality TV contestants a good or a bad thing? Whilst I question the seriousness of the so-called "Healer" contestant who is a cold and cruel game-player, I am not decided about whether any coverage of Reiki on TV is better than no coverage. The more TV coverage of Reiki there is, the more of a household name it becomes, surely. It could be argued that any coverage in the media is better than none; that bad publicity is better than no publicity. Who knows?!

Perhaps it just is what it is. Maybe Reiki on Reality TV has all the elements of the Universe (or Multiverse, if you prefer). Ying and Yang, good and bad. And that is all there is to it.

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