Being a mother myself it’s not unusual to discover that I and other mother’s tend to have the odd discussion about their children, the hopes and the fears etc. As time has progressed we have also seen technology advance so fast it literally makes your head spin! What was cool in our generation is seen as slow and boring in our younger generation today. And because of this the task to entice them into doing something that involves the whole family is somewhat of an alien concept to precious little ones!

To even make a simple suggestion that does not include or involve and electrical device is hard for their little brains to digest. The sheer fact that there is a big wide world out there beyond the screen is totally incomprehensible to them. This is why at one of my regular jaunts and discussions with the mothers crew we dreamed up a “screen free week” an attempt to show our children the other side of life which involves no technology.

Will it work? Well the concept is clear but how to go about instilling the joys of life into their minds, how to remove the technology dependency they have developed. Looking at it from a psychological angle its apparent that this technology has aided to a certain extent, the fact that parents don’t always have the time to give to their children, so while they are busy doing the usual mundane tasks of cooking and cleaning and even working, the fact that the screen offers some form of interaction and even communication for them is somewhat a small comfort. However the danger then lies in knowing when to stop. It’s all too easy to leave the television on or even allowing them to play on the games but then time does fly and before you know they are off to bed and you’ve barely said two words to them all day.

It’s not easy being a parent regardless of gender, age or even if you are a single parent. It’s never easy so if the option is available then of course you will take it. It’s not all bad. The first point is make an attempt for a family day out. Or even holidays for that matter. The majority of holidays now offer clubs where you put your children in to and then the adults can go off and do their own thing. This again is not really a holiday. Your child will have memories of clubs not family holidays. Why not look closer to home. A holiday that is more of a home from home but allows you to enjoy each others company and get to know each other, the first thought of vacation inspiration would be Holiday Cottages Lake District. The area of natural beauty highlights the joys of life, the natural world and all at your doorstep.

To be able to take images of your little one’s while they embrace the great outdoors. This memory will forever be captured not just on film but in their minds, something they will share with their own children when they get older. A memory that will last, a genuine true family holiday without the distractions of technology.

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Karla discusses how to bring families closer together with Holiday Cottages Lake District