In the words of Hilaire Belloc,” I have wandered all my life, and I have also travelled; the difference between the two being this, that we wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfilment." We take some of the trips while some trips take us. A journey of a life time begins with a single decision to set out. By going far away, we come one step closer to ourselves. Everyone deserves a time for his or herself at one point or the other. This be the case when one might be going through a tough emotional breakdown like a break up, depression, anxiety attack or even health problems. At that time, one learns the importance of self-care and the need to escape the self-imposed world one is living in. We should be striving to make each day count so that we don’t have to regret when we look back at our old days. This is only possible when we are willing to shell out some money into our dream voyages. But there are some alternative ways too. You can very easily get aids from a number of places where you can be directed to easy ways to earn while travelling. Some of those ways are fruit packing jobs, fruit picking jobs hiring.
Some sites such as 'Hovos' are platforms between clients called 'hosts' and some volunteers where the host shares some work to be completed and that is done by the volunteers. Generally, these volunteers are travellers across the globe who is seeking help in accommodation and food. It is a symbiotic phenomenon where everyone is on a benefit side and hence it is also an example of mutual support in present times. Many jobs are flagged on Hovos which are very simple and easy to perform. A host such as an orchard owner could hire some volunteers to help him with his orchard. He could use them in fruit picking jobs, fruit packing jobs etc.


The thought of earning while travelling itself is very attractive. People tend to learn new things as they travel to new places and also share memories which they shall cherish for life long. The care and love they get from hosts alone is very sincere. They make the volunteers feel like home. Volunteers can pick the job of their liking and comfort zone. Jobs like teaching a farming abroad, construction, eco project volunteering; pet sitting, baby-sitting etc are available to choose from. Fruit picking jobs and fruit packing jobs are a few sources we can earn some decent money.

Our cities are more like casual check points than a tourist destination in real sense these days. Everyone is tired of seeing the same manmade structures and state of art monuments. Everyone wants to travel to places less travelled. They want some stories that shall be new and they want to be the authors of their own stories. It is futile if those stories are same as old ones. Hence travelling to places where only few travel, gathering experiences of rare incidences and objects is very much common these days. The demand of original and personalized travel stories takes us away from jam packed cities to lives full of calmness, peace and bliss. We are talking about the life of country side. The true reflection to our ancestral life is the life we find in the country side abroad. The focus is not on how to earn more but how to live a life full of content without craving for the useless, materialistic things. If one wants to learn how to be happy it is the place where to find it. A lot of our problems can be solved when one turns his head away from such illusions of life and focuses on nature. For a traveller to get the best out of his travel, it is mandatory that he learns to live as a free man. There are many fruit picking jobs in New Zealand, Africa, Australia, Finland etc where one can experience this country side lifestyle.

A traveller can also get free meal for free by the people who employ them. Mostly orchard owners live near their orchards. They own huge lands on which they have a portion for their residence while the other is used for orchards, farms or vineyards. They take good care of the volunteers who come to work with them. Firstly, they train the volunteers on how to get on with the tasks of fruit picking and other tasks to be performed prior and post picking. Apart from fruit picking the volunteers have to assure that they use proper caution as wrong technique can damage the fruits and also affect the future productivity from that tree. Hence, this job requires good technique but that can be perfected only after proper training and paying attention to the instructions as it is always said, 'Practice makes a man perfect.' Fruit picking jobs are almost the same everywhere but may differ according to the geography and climatic conditions of that place.
Fruit picking is generally a seasonal activity that happens in the harvest time in areas where they may grow wild or in plantations or orchards. It is concerned with provision of good quality fruits, provision of employment, aesthetically appealing natural grown orchards and vineyards and packing for fruits for both commercial export overseas and distribution in the local market. In Australia and New Zealand most of the fruit picking jobs are done by the travellers locally called backpackers who arrive there on work holiday visa. The government there encourages such people to work in such places for at least three months so that they might extend their visa by a year.

Undoubtedly, fruit picking jobs can be used effectively to manage our travel expenses. It is really convenient as it is an unconventional job unlike some nine to five jobs where one needs to be tied to a desk and look for hours into computer screens. The only requisite for this job is that the volunteer needs to be a keen observer, good listener and should be eager to learn and adapt. Adaption is very much necessary in a new surrounding. It shows who we are and our resolute to change any problem to a learning opportunity. Hence, you should not be holding yourself back due to lack of money, but try these methods of earning in a new land thinking it as a land of opportunities.

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