Remember the poornta mantra: “Poorn midaha…poorn midam…”
Main thing is to understand that air never gets depleted from the Universe no matter how much you consume. We are floating in a pool.
Natural law is that what you absorb, others may not be absorbing.... For example: Leaf looks green because it absorbs all and reflects green colour, flower is absorbing it, reflecting another colour, hence all is coming from the same source, we absorb and reflect according to our qualities.

If human absorbs fear, he is making someone fearless. You are creating that field, atmosphere around you by being receptive to it. You create your own atmosphere.
Don’t take fear. You are creating that atmosphere, you are enhancing the devil by feeling fearful of him. By being fearful, you are making someone else fearless. This is how terrorists work.

You are poorn. god has made you god. Be fearless and counter attack. Now we have to be fearless, aware and conscious. This is the message. You are poorn.
Make yourself fearless. We have to understand the subtleties. Every thing is floating in the Universe. Universe balances all. Same sunrays fall on the cactus as on the flower, what they do not absorb, shows on them.
Doubts and fear come when you are fearful, karmheen.

What is the problem. See what you are scared of, counteract by saying: “Why should I be scared when I am truthful?” People often become submissive. Say to yourself: “I am in surrender if I am truthful then divine help will always be there for me” We waste energy by being fearful. Forward your fears to the Universe. “I am on part of truth, I am not taking it.”
Watch your body language change. Grace will come, people who scare you will see this. They will understand.
Even a Lion attacks only when it knows that it sees fear in the eyes of its victim.


Satyamev jayate.......Love never Fails.........Karm is Dharm........Light Liberates

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