1. Insurance man logic

Rejection is a fact of life but the more people you ask the more likely you will get a yes. This is the approach of top insurance salespeople.

Look for the yeses in life and accept that nos, also known as rejection is just the right of another to say no. Their no is because a yes is not consistent with what they think is good for them at this point of time.

Is rejection realy so bad? You can’t get anyone to say yes unless you are willing to take the risk that they will say no. When you don’t ask, the answer is always no.

2. It’s Nothing Personal

Look at the reasons. Say for example, you want to be in that football team but you are the 12th best person. The reality is the best 11 are chosen. You have to accept that you can’t be it, if you come in at number 12. Sometimes the reason is not as clear cut as that, but it could just be that we are rejected because of timing.

3. Turning Lemons into Lemonade

Keep positive thoughts flowing by looking for silver linings and blessings in disguise. It could be that something better and bigger is on its way.

4. Listen Up

Listen to the rejection reasons – pay attention to the reasons. Don’t get emotional about rejection if you have done your best. If you haven’t then you know why it did not go your way. Rejection hurts only if you allow it to hurt you emotionally.

You alone are responsible for your own sense of worthiness.
Nothing anyone can do, say or think should dent your value as a human. If you believe in what you are doing then that will rejections the other person’s problem, not yours.

6. Calm Confidence

Have confidence in what you are doing and never say die. Colonel Sanders of KFC fame was a retiree when he had a good recipe for fried chicken. He decided to try to sell the recipe to restaurants in return for a percentage of the revenue that it generated. He was rejected over 1,000 times. He never let rejection stop him. Other famous people who had been rejected – not as many times as Colonel Sanders - are JK Rowling of Harry Potter books and movies fame and the pop group the Beatles.

Sometimes things don’t fall into your lap but rejection should not stop you. Instead learn to draw strength from it. Most people, if not all people, get rejected at some stage, so knowing that rejection is an emotion that most people go through should be a reality check. Feeling sorry for yourself is a loser or victim mentality – so move on fast and recover to fight another day.

7. Pick yourself up and give it another go

Try, try again. Rejection does not have to be a sign of failure – just a sign that you have to do things with another set of people or create new circumstances and situations. Keep picking yourself up when you fall. Don’t feel crestfallen; instead be upbeat that you have found one less way to being turned down. To be successful, we must face rejection and disappointment without being sidetracked or derailed by them.

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