We All Rejoin The Universal Consciousness Every Night

When we fall into deep sleep(the delta state of mind) every single night we leave our thoughts and beliefs of separation and physicality aside and without realizing it rejoin the pure joy and happiness of the one universal mind and consciousness from which we were born and shall always reside with our source. We all rejoin this spiritual unity point and become one again from which we have never left except in our dreams. We have dreamt a million dreams for centuries and have built an extensive library of historical characters and events, both good and bad, that has never existed outside of this dream. We have never been who we thought we were. We have lived and died, fought for and against an uncountable number of illusionary ideas and physical bodies that only live within our perceptions of reality. Instead we are pure spiritual beings of the light, without form and shape but with the power and magnificence of the creator Himself. We cannot be anything different in true reality but can be everything different within our illusionary reality.

The question is who wakes us from our true reality of oneness each night to another dream of separation and duality every morning? Some say it is our higher self within our split mind, the part that remembers who we are rather than the part that has forgotten and still dreams dreams of infinite illusions. Our awakening to this world is part of our self-imposed illusionary journey. A journey based upon our thought and belief in the reality of separation. Since we think and believe in the separation and duality of this dream we can only continue within it until such time as we no longer believe in its reality. It is within our final disbelief that we will no longer awake from our true reality but instead remain within the safe and secure oneness of heaven and our creator. As long as we think and believe in who we are not we will live in the memory of it.

Today we continue our reversal of thought in hopes of remembering tomorrow who we really are and in that remembrance rejoin once and for all with the divine glory and abundance from which we never left. Our higher self will no longer have to wake us to a dream that has kept us in prison for so long. We now can smile and know there will be no more dreams of insecurity and duality, only of great abundance and pure unconditional love.

Author's Bio: 

RL VANWALDICK, professional businessman for past 30 years and spiritual author of the book, A Reversal of Thought at www.areversalofthought.com