There are many things that weigh down on our health. When we think about taking care of our self we think about exercise, diet and getting enough sleep. But we do not realize the impact that negative energy can have on our daily lives and overall health. When you participate in meditation you are taking the time to sit back, empty your mind and let yourself just be. It gives your mind a chance to cleanse itself and your body has the opportunity to let go of all the stress that you put on it.

Many feel that in order to meditate you need to go someplace special or have hours to set aside. This is not true since all you really need is some time alone to yourself and just a few minutes can do the trick. You can meditate anyway to clear away the negative energy. Even if you are at work and the day seems to be getting the best of you, simply by sitting outside for a few minutes or just pushing away from your desk and listening to something soft, you can put yourself in a better place. As long as you can focus you can meditate and release the negative and bring in the positive.

With all of the different ways that you can meditate, you can add variety to the way you go about it or if you find a favorite than you can stick with it. Considering that the world is a busy place and we all seem to be in a hurry up and get there mind frame, you will find that transcendental meditation can be beneficial to you. This method simply has you sitting in a comfortable position or lying down. You close your eyes and listen to the birds and soft sounds around you as well as breathing and focusing on that. Think to yourself that all is light or I am well to release the negative energy and bring in the positive.

Another quick and easy method of meditation to release the negative energy is walking. Have you ever realized how relaxed you may feel after you have walked through the park or gone for a stroll and thought about nothing? This is how walking meditation works. As you are walking through the park think about your feet hitting the ground, the way that your legs feel and your body moves. Try not to get too lost in your thoughts as you still need to concentrate on your walking. When you are done with your walk you could sit for awhile and feel your body relax.

By following either one or both of these methods you will find that you are going to feel more balanced in mind, body and spirit. As the negative energy is released from your body and you feel your muscles relax and your mind clear, things seem to be clearer and you do not feel as though every little thing is going to bring about a headache. It is most important to take care of yourself both inside and out which is what meditation is all about.

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Laura Silva believes that the power of meditation to release the negative energy from your body is a healthy transformation. With her methods you will find that you will experience life and health in a whole new way. Visit her site at to start living lie peacefully.