Do you find yourself stuck in the same role in life, not only with yourself but with the people you know? Because people see you in a certain way, do you keep acting that way? Sometimes it is hard to be who you really are when the interactions you have with people keep you locked in a certain role. How others see you, respond, and relate to you can make you feel like you have to stay in a specific role in life. People do this to each other all the time, even to themselves. If you‘ve known someone for years or even your whole life, isn’t it easier to keep that same pattern of relating to each other even if you’ve both grown and changed over the years?

People find it easier and simpler to keep relating to one another the same way, the one way that had already been established. You can find yourself living the same life with lots of people. How do you change and be free to do so when all the people you relate to see you as the same? “It can’t be easy” you think, because you feel different on the inside and they don’t see this. That is usually why people leave relationships because they find it doesn’t fit who they are anymore. But you shouldn’t have to leave your relationships with people in order to be free to be who you are.

The key to this problem is to remember that how others relate to you comes from how they see you. If you keep your role the same so everyone is comfortable, others will never realize or know the changes you have made or who you really are on the inside. It can take practice and a little courage to let your relationships shift with you. If you are used to keeping the same role that others see you in, it can feel hard to let go. But remember happiness does come from being who you really are and it is not necessary to leave friends or loved ones behind. You need to allow others to see you for who you really are. To have the courage to let yourself be you, even in old relationships. Once you do this, others can be part of it; whether they accept the shift or not, at least you are not locked into something that is no longer you.

Being who you are in every moment is far better than waiting or pretending. You may find others will even respect you more, for in some way they feel the truth in you now. They can see you for you without the role of your relationship. You may even find your relationship grows into something even better and may allow others to be more honest about the changes in themselves. It can work and be done without leaving certain people behind. Whether it is a new friendship or old, we should all be allowed to grow and relate to one another from a place of honesty and truth. This is incredibly important in relationships such as marriages or partnerships, to be present with ourselves and not let our roles define us. No matter where you are or who you are with, to be free to be you at all times is not only important, but invaluable.

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Adam Benedetto and Zoe Young are both dedicated to enabling others to reach their full potential in life by helping them release what is holding them back so that they can become their true selves. Through years of experience and development, both have sought out the answers we all need to find peace, understand ourselves, and reach enlightenment.
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