Information technology is wide spread in the developed country and is well embedded into the lifestyles education sector and work environments. The society being literate is also able to synchronize and familiarize itself with the highly dynamic pace of technological development with more and more innovations coming after regular intervals.
Latest computers, microchips and related technology is available on a large scale with state-of-the-art models available in hospitals, educational institutions, amusement parks, shopping centers, work places and even at home. There is extreme technological compliance and level of information about technology among children and toddlers.
In case of developing countries there exists a relative variation with respect to technology. Some countries are fully developed while others are semi-developed with a lot of progress going on in the technological fields.
Use of information technology is more concentrated at work places, higher education institutes like universities and in the homes of higher to higher-middle class people. Men and women are more inclined to computer use in the work environment while the children of only elite class can use it for gaming and informational purposes.
Due to less literacy level in these countries, people have less information about computers so reliance on computer expertise, relating to both software and hardware issues is increasing. Thus the computer industry has flourishing with leaps and bounds and more and more techno-solution businesses are evolving in these countries.
Computer has also aided in decreasing socio-economic pressures for people around the world and it has been very multidimensional in terms of productivity. Work users, usually utilize it for routine office work, recording, reporting, data entry, and manufacturing, designing, networking and related work.
Home users on the other hand utilize it as a medium to communicate, create, alter and disseminate information with family and friends. It is also commonly to surf the internet and to watch movies, listen music, play games and also to seek knowledge to complete their homework’s.
Commercial purposes like promotion and brand recognition is also using computers as a source. Internet is a huge network which is emerging as a new medium in this respect. With a global customer-base and opportunities, it has become one of the ultimate methods employed these days to market one’s business.
Thus in both developed and developing countries information about computers and technology is one of the most happening needs. This wave has been elicit almost half a decade ago and has spread to every village and town making the whole world a global village.
Thus updating information about technology is a must for this era.

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