Team building is an everyday task. There is practicing, tasks to be completed and checked, time restraints which cause time management, customer service, scheduling, and evaluation to state a few. There is giving the instructions in a way that is understood by the team and by each individual. One of the great attributes of a team is when it becomes consistent in the job that is performed. Something going wrong in a day, even though humans do make mistakes, becomes unusual.

Team building is based on being clear and communication well. It about looking out for and assisting each other. It is about competence and being able to do the job well. Leaders of teams stay in touch with the team making sure each understands the goals. There is compassion in the team and for the team. Teams need to keep their spirits up even when things get challenging. Though team members have emotions and that should never be forgotten, when getting the job done praise and encouragement is very important. A team member being down in a big way affects the team and should be addressed as soon as possible.

Then there is the belief that the team will succeed. The leader needs to believe this whole heartedly and each member needs to also believe this. But what is in it for the individual? Is it only the success of the team? Though that is an integral part of each team there are also individual goals and aspirations of each member of the team that are important. It tells how well a person works in a team, it shows how much a person cares, and it builds the reputation of the individual. And there may be goals to be on a team to get to the next phase in a career or goal. That's fine.

So as team building is learned and practiced often it seems that this is only used while at work or in a sports game. But these and many others are solid foundations for getting through life. They are amazing parts of any relationship or any family unit. We are talking about communication, caring, praising, keeping things going when there are challenging times, and keeping mind sets and emotions high. It is also terrific resources in dealing with the time that go wrong and people make mistakes.

It is just a thought that the same resources we have at work or on the playing field can be part of everyday life. We all need to communicate well in all kinds of situations, and to me it is an incredible feeling to celebrate the accomplishments of others. We need to help each other and be a part of each other. We need to listen and be aware of what others are feeling. We need to tell each other when jobs are well done. These things are also true whether for a team or a family.

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Liz Cosline
SongofOneUnexpectedLife - S.O.U.L.

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