Human beings are designed in such a way that their bodies keep growing by the passage of time. That growth can be both physically and mentally. You may have seen certain cases where people show a much more intellectual capacity as compared to their age. On the other hand, there are many cases in which the mental age of a person stops at a certain point in their life, despite their continuous growth physically. Many researchers have been done on the psychological drives of a human being and these researches have generated many new theories as well.

The psychological drives of a person play a fundamental role in shaping his overall personality traits. It should always be kept in mind that these psychological drives are also based on the religion of a person. Although people in the west keep differentiating between psychology and Islam but there is no way that these two can be different. At one point or another, religion always gets interconnected with psychology and plays an impact in shaping the overall personality of a person.
One of the most important psychological drives is the “Achievement or Competitive Drive”.

Human beings often set certain standards in their which are higher than the original standards. When they try to achieve those standards, they are actually utilizing their competitive drive and after availing that certain high standard, that achievement drive has been fulfilled. In Islam, Muslims have been told to keep high standards but those standards should be set according to your Islamic principles and one should never try to do any negative act in order to achieve those standards. For example, your desire is to perform Hajj and Umrah, and then you should never go for it with the money collected from Haram means. These holy obligations should always be done with the Halal money and only then a true Muslim is able to accomplish their competitive and achievement drive. For the ease of Muslims, many amazing packages like Cheap Hajj Packages 2017 in Low Cost Deals with Best 5 Star Hotels and Luxury Flights have been introduced each year so that maximum number of Muslims can have the opportunity to perform these holy obligations.

Another important psychological drive is the “materialistic drive”. It means that the person is constantly intrigued to get as much as materialistic things like wealth. Although there is nothing wrong in earning a lot of money with halal means, but then one must also keep in mind that your source of earning wealth should not be against the principles of Islam at any cost. A true Muslim always have control on his desires and he never try to go to that certain point of greediness in which he gets lost in the greed of wealth and materialistic stuff.

Then comes another psychological drive which is called “Aggressive Drive”. This drive is innate in human beings and it triggers when a person is in a state which is irritating and annoying. Then that person gets aggressive. Islam has always given the guidelines to refrain from aggression because when a person is angry, he is not able to think properly and his decision making abilities also stop working in the right way. Therefore it is always recommended to stay calm and engage yourself in those activities which are relaxing for your mind so that one avoids anger as much as he can.

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