There is no question men and women often respond differently to the breakup of a relationship. There is no uniform way for all men and all women to react after a relationship is over. Everyone is different, just like every relationship is different.

The first thing a man needs to acknowledge after a divorce is that he needs to take some time to grieve. Men can be prone to trying to hide or ignore their emotions in many cases. This is not a time to do this. While you don't have to outwardly tell everyone how upset you are, you need to take the proper amount of time to feel the sadness and grief over losing such an important relationship in your life. No one wants to fail at marriage, so it's very normal for you to have feelings of mourning.

One big thing to remember after a divorce is you should not jump right back into the dating world. First of all, you need some time to get used to being alone so you can figure out who you are without a partner. Secondly, if you jump right back into dating, then that means you are going to be taking with you some serious baggage from the dissolution of your marriage. That's not fair to a new partner who will have to be there as you continue to work through the grief and problems.

Once you do decide to start dating again, don't immediately jump back into a relationship. It might be very tempting as it can get lonely being on your own, but you need to play the field and meet many different people so you can figure out what type of woman you're looking for. This is especially true if you feel like your ability to choose the right female in your life has been incorrect. Making major decisions just after a divorce is not a good idea. Plus, many of the women you will be dating have probably also gone through a divorce and need adequate time to adjust as well.

One final thought is it is best if you don't make your entire life revolve around dating and finding a new mate. Instead, figure out what you like to do, and enjoy those things more. If you want to go fishing with your pals, take the time to do that instead of being so focused on finding someone to replace your lost love.

What emotions are at the heart of any problems you are experiencing with the breakup of your relationship? Do you see the part you played in it coming to an end?

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