1. Being too domineering.
Without a doubt, a woman likes to be with a man who has ability to make her feel safe. But that does not mean every decision is made by the man. Relationships are a series of decisions that don’t happen in a vacuum. Everyone wins when decisions are made based on mutual needs and compromises. Relationships are democracies, not dictatorships.

2. Indecisive.
Women hate it when a man waffles. Make decisions whether they are right or wrong. Be confident and show leadership.

3. Lack of romance.
Romanticism is certainly what all women want when it comes to relationship. Romance can mean different things to different women but women all love the words “l love you”. Start or end you day with those words.

4. Having a foul mouth.
Women are turned off by men who overly use swear words. Not only is it rude, but also shows a limited vocabulary. It can be extremely embarrassing when your man doesn't know he's actually swearing and does it in front of your parents or friends. Swearing is a habit and like any habit, can be broken.

5. Lack of non sexual intimacy.
How often do you just hold hands, massage your partner, cuddle, or kiss without expecting sex. Try it. She’ll love you for it. See #6 below.

6. Being too predictable.
A lack of spontaneity can make a relationship boring. TV at 8:00, bed at 10:00 blah blah. Get out of your routine and break out of your paradigm. Create a spark and go out to dinner or a movie on a weekday. Surprise your women with flowers for no reason. Make her dinner on a Wednesday. Surprise her and stop being predicable. Throw her a curveball, she'll love it.

7. Unable to prioritize their partner's needs.
Among many relationship problems, it seems that inability for some men to put their partner first is a major one. Consider your partner's needs and wants above everything else. Find a quite time to talk and ask questions about your partner's day. Make her feel special. Look her in the eyes when you talk to her. Ask questions and listen deeply. Making her feel important is about paying attention and prioritizing her in your life.

8. Being too confident.
Being too confident tends to make men look cocky and arrogant. Being humble is an attractive attribute. You aren’t perfect so don’t act like it. It’s okay to make mistakes, you are human. get the opinion of others, it’s the best way to learn.

9. Jealousy.
No one likes a jealous partner, especially women. Jealousy is usually a sign that one partner doesn't trust the other. When communicating, take what she says at face value and remember that women and men communicate at different levels. Try not to read anything into what she says or does. Listen only to the words she uses and base your perceptions on what is said.

10. Not being romantically exclusive.
Most relationship problems tend to manifest from different expectations about the relationship. Men tend to fantasize about having multiple partners. When committing to a woman who expects an exclusive relationship, be true and stay in the moment. If you can't be, don't get into a relationship where one partner wants exclusivity.

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