Today I want to relay some relationship advice that I learned from Rori Raye which I believe is vital to the longevity of any relationship. Simply put, it’s called respect, but Rori, in her typical, florid fashion that we all love, calls it “Your Man is wonderful”.

We have all heard it from the mouths of other women – you hear some woman, or a friend (or maybe even yourself) making snide remarks to another woman, a friend or a relative about something that your boyfriend or husband did to just frost your cookies. In your anger or disgust, you may say something like, “He is so insensitive” or “He is so stupid sometimes!”. On the other hand, you may hear him referring to you as “the old lady” or the “ball and chain”.

Either way, comments like these are derogatory and breed contempt. And not only do they breed contempt – but they actually help you to create a negative view of your boyfriend or husband. If you are trying to have the relationship you want to have instead of the relationship that you DO have, comments and feelings like these MUST be removed from your repertoire.

Rori Raye, in the Have the Relationship You Want ebook says when you find yourself making comments like these – STOP. Simply STOP before you actually get it all out of your mouth. First of all, imagine how he would feel if he were standing behind you and heard you say what you were about to say. Secondly, it makes YOU look bad as a person to whomever you are commenting to. Negative comments reflect the SAYER more than they reflect on the person who is being condemned. Negativity has a way of coming back around on you and manifesting in your life when you promote it by speaking and thinking bad things.

Instead, Rori Raye encourages us to stop what we were ABOUT to say and replace it with something you genuinely LIKE about him. And yes, you may sound goofy to whomever you were speaking to, but, this positive manifestation is going to help your relationship and your personal outlook. Being positive fills you with love and light, not darkness and anger like negativity does.

So if you are trying to change your relationship, one important piece of relationship advice that I can give you direct from Rori Raye is to quit the negative talk, and replace that talk with positive talk. This will quickly become habit, and it is something that you can ask him to do as well. This will promote mutual respect and communication within your relationship and in the end, make it much stronger and bring it toward that ultimate relationship that you want to have.

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