Pregnancy is a precious stage that marks a change in the life of each woman. Many times it is accompanied by discomfort and symptoms such as low blood sugar, which can affect the health of the baby if not properly controlled. High blood sugar levels also pose a great risk to the baby as well as to the mother. The causes may be due to bad eating habits.

Pregnancy and low blood sugar

Inadequate diets, spending a lot of time without eating and working in excess, can be the cause of suffering symptoms such as insomnia, anxiety and enormous desires to eat, which can manifest due to low blood sugar.

Fatigue is a very common symptom in pregnant women, which is why you should not get too tired or suffer from stress. The best thing is to maintain an adequate diet that provides both the mother and the baby with the right nutrients for a perfect development.

It should be noted that hypoglycaemia is not a serious complication during pregnancy, it is not necessary to be alarmed but to maintain a periodic control, especially if the mother already suffers or is prone to diabetes.

Through a test of glucose levels during pregnancy, it will be diagnosed if the mother suffers from an imbalance of blood sugar levels and, if necessary, the most appropriate treatment will be applied.

As measures to prevent hypoglycemia it is recommended:

Maintain a diet that covers the amount of nutrients the mother and baby need.

Sleep the amount of hours needed. Lying on the left side will facilitate the blood supply to the brain and heart.
When you feel hungry, try not to resort to industrial bakery. It is better to drink a glass of milk or natural fruit juices.

If you suffer from sudden dizziness, lean on the nearest wall or object that is firm and secure enough. If you are in a public place do not hesitate to ask for help.
If you are driving, walking or doing any activity, stop immediately. Try to relax and do not continue until you pass the dizziness.

The important thing is that the mother live the pregnancy with tranquility, feeding in a healthy way to maintain balanced glucose levels and attending the medical checks indicated. In this way you can enjoy a pregnancy and childbirth without risks.

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