Is it better to consult a relationship expert or psychic?
The simple answer is that it depends on why you are consulting them. For some who very much into finding out about their marriage, relationship, ex etc then you might think that it is always best to consult the relationship expert rather than the psychic, but maybe not. If they want to know what their ex / partner / husband is thinking and feeling there is no way the relationship expert would know. Likewise if the client wishes to know if their man cheated or is wanting to return, lied to them or values them or wants to be with them in the future the relationship expert can only guess and may well guess wrong, and are no better than their friends or family, probably less able to provide any help on that than they are, because they may have known this guy for a very long time and have more information about him and what he is like to work out a possibility that makes sense.

Perhaps the best way to go is to consult both a relationship expert and psychic and put the two things together - or perhaps it is best to consult a really good clairvoyant medium tarot reader who is also an expert on relationships, someone like Beth Shepherd psychic, who has been helping people for a very long time, working all day long every day for many years helping them with these issues. We strongly advise you to not trust any amateurs with something important like the death, destruction, ending or starting of a relationship, or the choices you may make regarding a living relationship, because it could be a huge mistake if you allow them to get you to act upon the information they give you.. which may be false.

We believe that it is better not to consult anyone at all if the only person you would consult otherwise only does sittings as a hobby or part time or lacks experience and qualifications. And it would then be a lot better to use your own judgment. It may be wrong, but it is far more likely to be right than anything the inexperienced or hobbyist can tell you.

There are always people out there who are eager to give advice about relationships, but it does not make them wise enough to be good at it, many of them are simply on an ego boost, wanting to say what they think because it makes them feel important, special and valued, and they love the idea that people hang on their every word! It is more about them than it is about helping you.

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Beth Shepherd, agony aunt, relationship expert, psychic and therapist.