Relationship marketing is an internet marketing strategy that actually benefits both the marketer and the consumer alike! As everybody knows customer loyalty is one of the greatest assets any business can have since it helps increase marketing effectiveness while decreasing the promotional effort invested. But when taking the time to actually address a persons needs without asking for payment, this is where in both the short and long run, everybody wins!

Here are 3 ways in which both marketers and consumers alike benefit from the use of relationship building as an internet marketing strategy!

Here are 3 ways the marketer benefits:

Marketer Builds Loyalty

The more any marketer supplies people with free and useful information the greater the customer loyalty they are bound to develop. Folks are generally appreciative of anyone who voluntarily extends a helping hand and when working online this approach is one of the most effective for building trust!

Loyalty Increases Marketing Effectiveness

With the trust that has now been established a marketer is more easily able to promote to people. This increase in marketing effectiveness results in decreasing promotional efforts and in many cases costs as well!

Sales Increase

Quite obviously folks are more comfortable being sold by somebody in whom they trust. Along these same lines any recommendations the marketer makes will be more seriously considered thereby increasing their sales conversions! The bottom line is the business is now making more sales and benefiting from their previous investment of time and patience which this internet marketing strategy requires.

On the other here is how the consumers benefits:

Consumer Receives Useful Information

People are always searching for information online and to have it handed to them freely is like a child in a candy store! The basis behind this internet marketing strategy is to first attract people with the type of content they are interested in and then to do consistently continue to do so. Much like blog posting you want visitors to know they can expect more of the same so they will therefore return!

Consumer Develops Reliable Source

Consumers now have found a reliable source of helpful or interesting information saving them time and effort to continually be searching it out. Once again the more reliant others become upon the content being distributed the greater their loyalty will be towards the source.

Product Offers Also Fill Needs

As familiarity grows between the promoter and their target audience it becomes easier to determine the best products to offer. In this way the consumer stands to benefit from the standpoint that what is being promoted will likely fill a need or desire. The more useful the products tend to be the greater the customer loyalty. In this way each transaction is mutually beneficial leading to more deeply rooted and longer lasting relationships online!

Relationship marketing is a mutually beneficial strategy used quite effectively online. This particular internet marketing strategy freely offers useful information in an effort to gain customer loyalty. The key for prospective customers is that marketers must first prove their consistent willingness to supply the information. So in the short term the consumer wins however over the long haul merchants experience an increase in their marketing effectiveness! This leads to an increases in sales and decreases their promotional efforts and costs! It's all about customer loyalty and if online merchants can achieve this, they have achieved one of the biggest assets their business can hope for!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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