Many people believe relationship marketing actually requires you to get up close and 'chummy' with people for it to be effective. This however is not the case since it bases its marketing success more on simply capturing the attention of people. The advertising effectiveness of this strategy results from being able to actually deliver your message before people leave the page! Quite simply this sales strategy speaks to the reader and not at them.

Here are 5 ways in which this particular sales strategy is able to not only capture others attention but also overcome buyer reluctance!


The content or copy used must be composed in such a way as to quickly intrigue those who come across it online. By getting people to continue reading you are actually increasing your advertising effectiveness since your message is being delivered!


Deliver informative, thought provoking or otherwise insightful information to make visitors feel they spent their time wisely. By doing so viewers will remember and even actively look for your next publication. In this way you are developing reader loyalty which can significantly contribute to your marketing success.

Deliver Your Message

Be clear on the message you want to send to viewers of the content you publish! Failure to do so may confuse people and even drive them away and this is the last thing you want. What makes this sales strategy so effective is not only getting people to read what you publish but to also understand easily the message you are delivering!

Deliver Quality

Capturing viewers attention is one thing but of equal importance is you want them to appreciate what you wrote as they read further into the content! As mentioned earlier if you deliver something worth the time it takes to view, people will remember and return to view more. As you maintain this consistent level of quality it leads to the next step we are going to discuss!

Develop Loyalty

This is what it is all about and what will give you the marketing success you seek and that is developing a loyal following. By relating to others and supplying them with useful information you tend to build trust which ultimately makes it much easier to promote to them!

Relationship marketing is NOT about developing livelong friendships but rather 'relating' to what people need or want! The effectiveness of this sales strategy is dependent upon being able to capture the attention of readers long enough for you to deliver your intended message! 5 common approaches successfully used to do so are discussed above and all target the readers concerns and NOT what you are offering. By placing more of a focus on what concerns viewers helps to increase your advertising effectiveness since people are more compel to stay on the page! Relating better to your target audience in this way makes it much easier to achieve marketing success since now you have capture their attention! Remember, the best sales copy in the world is completely useless if it goes unread!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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