Relationships are hard. They can go from good to bad to nonexistent in a matter of a few moments. So add kids to that mix and you have a whole heap of trouble to work out in any relationships.

But we all can't get divorced over every little quarrel so we have to figure out a way that works for both people involved.

It's not easy but it is doable. And it should be done sooner rather than later.

That's the first secret to a happy marriage. Don't let things pile up and pile up because then when you do let it out it's going to be an explosion.

An explosion that has the positional to end a marriage and split a family apart. So take care of all issues as soon as they arise. Don't wait for it to become a bigger issues then it has to be.

And when you're dealing with issues use as much compassion as you can muster up. So secret number two is to use compassion when dealing with your loved one.

Don't go about dealing with your issues with force, anger or hostility. Do you like dealing with a hostile person? I didn't think so.

No one does. Everyone likes to deal with issues in a calm and low intensity way. It's the best way to actually get things resolved.

Think about it from your perspective, if you go into a heated conversation all fired up, you're are going to add fuel to the fire. When it comes to relationship disputes these are not just cliche'. They are the truth and you should take them into consideration when you're dealing with relationship conflict.

Staying happy within a relationship is a lot easier than most people make it out to be. Why? Because most of us, if you're honest, fight over things that absolutely don't matter one bit.

If you find yourself fighting over who left the cupboard door open then you have some underlying issues that need to be resolved.

Resolve them quickly and get on with it. Get on with loving and appreciating each other. Get on with sharing laughter and joyous conversations.

Just get on with having a happy life together because you never know when that person you share your life with will be gone. I know it's not a very fun thing to think about but it happens every day.

So cherish the time you do have with your partner and never, ever, ever go to bed angry it only stews over night and causes you to have a terrible nights sleep and an even worse morning. Deal with issues the moment they arise is secret number three.

Happy relationships are built on honesty and trust. Holding onto what needs to be said is close to lying. Don't do it.

So there you have it, 3 secrets to having a happy relationship.


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