There is a really cool story about a guy in heaven who went to visit an old friend of his who, unfortunately, landed in hell.

He was completely surprised to find that the underworld had all the amenities you would expect to find in a great leisure community. His friend was so happy to see him. He took him all around and gave him a really nice tour. When it was time for lunch they went to the community restaurant. The spread was fabulous! Everything you could imagine was on the table and it looked great.

The only weird thing was the forks, which were about 2 1/2 feet long. His friend said 'This is the problem here. We have to eat with these darn forks and we have to hold them at the end so we can never get the food in our mouths. It's very frustrating."
The guy from heaven watched as everybody wiggled and turned and did everything they could to get the food in their mouths but nobody was successful. And then, at the end of the lunch period, all the food suddenly disappeared and all the unhappy folks from hell wandered off to do their thing. After a while the downtrodden hell guy asks his heavenly friend what it is like up there.

The guy from heaven said actually everything was almost identical, even the long forks. "But in heaven, we use those forks to feed each other."

Now ask me about relationship compatibility. It always boils down to the same thing, the more you give, the better you live.

Someone asked an elderly lady who just celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary what her secret formula was. When she first got married she decided she would write down ten specific flaws her husband had, and always forgive him for them. However, she never got around to writing them down and anytime her husband did something wrong, she would say, "You're lucky that's one of the things that I promised to forgive you for."

Real relationship compatibility is based on only one thing: love! The more love you give, the happier you will be.

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Paul Friedman, author of Lessons For A Happy Marriage, entered into the business of helping couples mend their marriages after a very rough personal experience with divorce. Paul came out of an early retirement to become a mediator. His belief was that couples could easily work out the details of separation and get on with their lives. He discovered the truth from his clients: they only sought divorce because the help they found to stay together didn't work. Read more on his relationship advice blog, at Lessons For A Happy