Our connections through relationships are so important. Sometimes we get so busy that we intend on calling that special someone, or taking them to lunch, but before you know it’s the weekend and you have a full agenda.
It is easy to sit back and claim that this one didn’t return your call, or this one didn’t do this or that one didn’t do that. Well, you get my point. Life is a two way street, but there are other factors that are not in that equation as well.
The most important thing about this article is that it reflects on one important fact, life is just too short to worry about the small things. It is often times when we actually sit down and think or rethink a situation that it becomes much clearer. Here is my blog.
Actions speak louder than words. Some people have the best intentions in the world, but lack the motivation to bring those intentions into fruition.
Say what you mean and mean what you say. Be concise, straight to the point and don’t hem haw about what you want or how you feel. Clear communication in any situation works best.
There is nothing worse than someone who promises things and never delivers. Don’t be labeled as one of those people. You are as good as your word. So if you tell someone you will be there by 5 and don’t show up for three days, well there’s a problem. You have to be there and be consistent.
The best way to sum up any situation is to turn the situation around and see it from someone else’s perspective. Here are some things to help you take notice:
Your communication: is it one sided, do you include your input as well? Who is putting in most of the effort in keeping the communication going? Is it reciprocated? Now, figure out why. Is it financial, physical, work load, or something else? Again, you are not making excuses for people, you are understanding what it is like to be in their shoes.
Visits: Who travels the road most often? Do you visit each other’s homes or go to lunch; is there a meeting place such as a mall, etc.? Does this work best for everyone? This is so important because if you are driving 10 miles to meet at a mall and your friend is coming 50 miles, it might be ok every once in a while, but it might become a sore spot in the friendship.
Talking vs listening: Are your problems or concerns as important as the other persons? Just as communication is vital to a relationship, so is having a good ear to listen to their problems and worries. When someone is upset, hug first, and then listen to what the issue is, and then speak.
This is just a tool for you to use, it is not to be used to place judgment on others, but to enhance a relationship. By communicating more effectively, the bond becomes stronger and more lasting. This blog takes you out of your space, your role in the relationship and puts you into theirs. While there, take notice of all the wonderful qualities that your friend has enlightened you to in your relationship. Life is giving and taking and being aware of it at all times. It is not about who did what for who, but the mere fact that you are there for each other, and just knowing that, life is good.

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