Relationships are Mirrors!

We are all social creatures that thrive on connecting with others. Our prime relationship is with ourselves, and the attitude that we have towards ourselves serves as a pair of colored glasses through which we view everyone and everything around us! Our relationships are mirrors. They mirror the way we really feel about ourselves deep inside. This is why some people continually attract indifferent, uncaring, inconsiderate, or even abusive partners. They don’t believe they deserve anything more than that. Sadly, they don’t feel worthy of love that doesn’t hurt. If we choose to expect the best for ourselves, we will attract a partner that will give us the best. Yes, it sounds simple, but it can be the most challenging thing in the world for so many of us.

At the most basic and primal level, a relationship is about connecting with someone where a mutual fulfilling of needs exists. We want to be valued, recognized, heard, and safe. The real truth is that if we want a relationship to succeed, we have to take responsibility for what we’re “putting out there!.” Others serve as a mirror reflecting back to us the way that we are. If we don’t like what we’re attracting, we have to consider what it is that we’re emitting! The thoughts and feelings that we have about others says far more about US than it does about them! It reveals what’s inside of us, not what’s inside of them. For example, if someone thinks that everyone lies and manipulates, it’s likely because they don’t expect anything more than that. It can also reveal that they themselves are liars or manipulators. We tend to project our internal conflicts onto others. If and when we become aware of ourselves doing this, we have made the first step towards change! Awareness is the first step! It may be challenging to accept, but this is when we learn to take responsibility exactly where it lies- within ourselves.

Reflect upon your overall attitude towards others today. Do you genuinely express an interest in those you meet? Do you like them? Do they like you? Do you feel life is unfair? Do you feel tend to blame others when things go “wrong?” Do you respect others? Do they respect you? These are tough questions, I realize that! Yet, they promote tremendous personal growth if and when you are ready for it!

Who and what is acting as your mirror today? Do you like what you’re seeing?

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