When a relationship comes to an end, it can be a sign that it has run its course; consequently, each person can be happy to move on with their life. What this could show is that they had been having problems for quite some time.

It was then only a matter of time before their time together came to an end and they both went their separate ways. Now that it is over, it is likely to have a positive effect on their wellbeing.

A New Start

For one of them, this could be like a new beginning; a time when they will be able to do the things that they were unable to do before. This could mean that they were with someone who was controlling, but this might not be the case.

It could simply show that they had other priorities, and that this caused them to neglect certain needs. Either way, they will now have more time to focus on what they overlooked before.

Straight Back In

Alternatively, both of them could end up seeing someone else more or less straight away – or this might only apply to one of them. They are then not going to feel the need to take a break and to find themselves again, so to speak.

If both of them ended up with someone else, it might not bother either of them if they were to find out about what the other person is doing. They might be pleased that their ex has found someone else to be with.

Just One

Yet, if only one of them has found someone else, it could have a negative effect on the other. This might be hard to understand; especially as both of them were happy to move on with their life.

What this could show is that they formed an emotional connection with this person, and this is why they feel this way. Part of them can then be happy that it has ended; yet another part of them can be in pain.

Life Goes On

After finding out about this, one could spend a lot of time thinking about their ex, or they could soon let it go. One could say to themselves that as they are no longer with them, it doesn’t matter who they are with.

Through having this outlook, it is going to be a lot easier for them to focus on their own life. If, on the other hand, they get caught up in what their ex is or is not doing, it is going to stop them from being able to do this.

External Support

But if one was to find that they are unable to focus on their own life, it might be a good idea for them to reach out for the right assistance. This can show that the part of them that wants to move on is stronger than the part of them that doesn’t.

If they were to reach out, this could be a time when they will have to work through the pain that is within them. Through experiencing loss, they can be carrying a lot of grief within them, and this may need to be cried out.

Another Experience

When a relationship ends and each person is happy with this outcome, it could be said that this will be the ideal scenario. Both of them can experience pain - one person might even experience more pain than the other - but at least they will have wanted it to end.

Whereas, if one person wanted it to end but the other person didn’t, it is going to be a lot harder for one of them to move on. There is then not just going to be a small part of them that is in pain - a big part of them is going to be in a bad way.

It Doesn’t End There

It could end up getting even worse, though, and this is because on could find out that their ex has found someone else. This can cause them to think about if they actually meant anything to the other person.

And if one ended the relationship and their ex found someone else soon after, they can also wonder what is going on. Yet, if they ended the relationship and the other person didn’t want it to end, this is to be expected.

What’s going On?

On the surface, it can seem as though the other person has simply moved on with their life and that’s all there is to it. However, appearances are often deceiving, and this can mean that it might not be this black and white.

What it can show is that the other person wanted to feel better, which is why they are with someone else. This could mean that their relationship will soon come to an end or, it might last for a little while.

A Few Reasons

In the same way that there are number of reasons as to why someone would eat food, there are also a number of reasons as to why they would have a relationship. One can eat food to avoid how they feel and they can have a relationship to do achieve the same outcome.

At the same time, they can eat food to supply their body with what it needs to function and they can have a relationship that will allow them to grow and develop. This can then be seen as what happens when one acts in a conscious manner and what happens when they act in an unconscious manner.


Also, one may even start a new relationship just to get back at their ex; the person they are with is then going to be used. One is then going to be in a lot of pain and they can cause someone else to suffer through not taking responsibility for how they feel.

If one is in pain, and they want to do something about this, it might be a good idea for them to work with a therapist or a healer.

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