Whenever one looks to solve problems of life, be it spiritual freedom, relationships, success or family, the solutions work better if one looks for basic principles involved and uses them to get results. The basic principles are what makes up an activity and that is why they work for getting the right solution. Fancy theories may sound good and we may operate on "everybody is supposed to" factors but if it does not get results it is not operating on the actual principles of life.

It is not difficult to get to know these principles as they are rather simple and why not, truths are always simple. All one has to do is take off the colored glasses that have been forced upon us and just take a look. It is there for us to see, obviously since life is going on in some way or the other and some part of these principles must be in use for any life to exist at all.

One thing is easy to see that we decide and think. It's observable that knowingly or unknowingly one decides to do something and then does that. It's self determined action of some sort that constitutes life. After all life is some action and one decides upon it one way or the other. So we can observe that one's decision causes one's life, simple. To the degree that this decision is pure and uninfluenced we can have a life of our own and I am sure in our right minds we want life to be good, have good and happy relationships and flourish and prosper, be successful. Right? If that's not happening then the aforesaid is not occurring.

One of the simple ways to assure that our decision gets through is to make it unconditional so it is not contaminated by outside influence and certainly not by material things as material things are junior to one's decision, decision is prime. It's easy to see then, that if we elect material things like money, etc. to be cause then we are living a lie since our decision is cause and lies don't work. It's as simple as that. The trouble with it may be that it's "too simple" and one is too used to horrific complexities of life which keep us spinning around and around getting nowhere, apparently all of it being caused externally. The fact is that we cause our own life, knowingly or unknowingly and it's time to find out how.

So what we can learn is to look over the path we personally need to follow which is always influenced by the ultimate goal we need to achieve in our lives. Then make sure that the goal and path are survival oriented and not just for self but all involved as no one lives life alone. After that just decide with no connection to whether you have the money or the muscles needed to make it to the top. The rest follows as you will move the universe in the direction of your decision. And since you have unlimited power, no one can stop you. Why? It's because your decision had no outside factors in it to stop it.

Sounds good? Try it and write to me with what you get out of it. I can help.

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Zahid Qureshi is a successful life coach with technical knowledge to change lives for the better. Having almost 25 years of study and experience in helping people in personal and business affairs he always gets the desired results with the condition that client genuinely desires the results.