When it comes to the kind of women that men are attracted to, it could be said that there is not one type. There is what is spoken about in the media, for instance, and then there is what takes place in reality.

If one was to read an article about what kind of woman a man is attracted to, they could hear about how important her appearance is. This could also be a time when one will hear about how she will need to have the right hip to waist ratio.

The ideal

Therefore, if a woman wants to attract a man, it will be vital for her to look right. And, if she doesn’t look this way, it will be a challenge for her to find someone to have a relationship with.

What is clear is that both men and woman have very little control over how they look; this is something that has been defined by their genetics. Now, this is not to say that they can’t change the shape of their body through exercising or even through having surgery, but there is only going to be so much they can do.


Fortunately, men are not always attracted to the kind of women the media describe, and so this doesn’t mean that a woman won’t be able to have a relationship if her appearance is different. What this partly comes down to is that even though a man may desire to be with a woman who looks a certain way; it doesn’t mean that he will be able to fulfil this need.

He may believe that he doesn’t have what it takes to be with someone like this, and so he will have to go for the kind of woman who he believes he can attract. This is then similar to how a man may want to drive a sports car, but he might have to settle for something far cheaper.

Another Component

There are also going to be men, for whatever reason, who are more interested in what a woman’s personality is like than how she looks. If she comes across in a certain way, this could be what ends up pulling them in.

Their friends could then be happy that they have found someone, or they could wonder what they see in this person. But if this is who one likes, they might not be concerned about what their friends think.

The Priority

If a man only cares about how a woman looks, he might not care about anything else. Through being with her, this is likely to make him feel good, and he could enjoy the effect this has on his image.

It is then not just that he will be with someone who is attractive; it will influence how other people see him. This is then going to be the same as what happens when a man drives an expensive car, and how it will increase his value in the eyes of others.

Two Sides

Yet even if being with someone like this will have a positive effect on him and how others perceive him, if the woman doesn’t have the right personality it could cause him a lot of problems. What he could find is that the cons outweigh the pros, and it might then be better for him to cut his losses.

During the beginning of the relationship, it might be a lot easier for him to tolerate this kind of behaviour. But as time passes, the effect she has on him could soon wear off, and there will only be one option.


The ideal is then going to be for the man to find someone who looks right and behaves in the right way. This will not only allow him to look good, it will also allow him to be with someone who is not going to undermine him.

But regardless of what kind of appearance a man is drawn to, there can be a pattern when it comes to how she will behave. And, even if a man was to say that he doesn’t have a certain type, this could soon change if he was to reflect on what his exes were like.

One Experience

One could find they are drawn to women who are not as developed as they are, and this could mean that they end up being dependent on them. It could then be as if they are more like their father than their partner.

Through being with a woman like this, it could cause them to feel as though they are in control, but at the same time, it could be frustrating to be with someone who is not at their level, so to speak. This could mean that the woman is not emotionally together, and they might not be able to support themselves financially.


Being with a woman likes this is then going to cause them problems, but it is likely to be what feels comfortable. And the only way they will attract someone different will be if this no longer feels comfortable.

When a man attracts women like this, it could mean that he will come across as having it all together. It could then be hard to understand why a man like this would be attracted to a woman who doesn’t have it together.

A Closer Look

How the man comes across can be radically different to how he feels at a deeper level. If he was to get in touch with his emotional self, he may find that he fears being abandoned, and this is then why he is attracted to women who are end up being dependent on him.

Through being with women like this, there is going to be less chance of them leaving him. As a result of this, this can allow him to keep this fear at bay, and until this changes, there will be no reason for him to be attracted to (or to attract) women who are different.


The reason he has a fear of being abandoned can be due to what took place during his younger years. If a man can relate to this and he wants to change to this, it might be necessary for him to work with a therapist.

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