When the idea of worshipping a woman is mentioned it can trigger all kinds of meanings in one’s mind. And what these meanings are can depend on is where one was brought up. To worship the feminine, which is what women physically represent, can be seen as sacred. The earth itself is often described as mother earth, the giver of life.

And although men are the physical example of the masculine, internally they possess both the masculine and the feminine. Women are the same and also include the masculine. So when a man worships women he is putting them on a pedestal and they are being elevated.

The Big Illusion

This can cause a man to feel inferior and as though he has less value or importance compared to a woman. A woman is then not seen as a human being, but as someone who is perfect and even godlike.

They can be seen as being from another planet and as being the key to a man’s happiness and fulfilment. Some women won’t have this affect, but there will be plenty of women who are seen in this way.

And for a man who is straight and is therefore attracted to women, it will be natural to appreciate, value and admire a woman. However, this is not the same as seeing them as perfect.


As women have challenges and issues just like men, this idea is completely inaccurate. They will have days and moments when they feel good and when they feel bad. Living in a world that is obsessed with physical appearances can make it incredibly stressful to be a woman. Men are vulnerable and so are women, to be human is to be vulnerable.

So while their physical beauty can change as they get older, their inner beauty can always remain. And yet, this inner beauty is often ignored and overlooked in today’s world. Through the use of makeup and certain clothes, women are often made up to look perfect. But this is just an image and doesn’t reflect reality.


To feel less than and below a woman is inevitably going cause a man to see them as perfect. It will also going to be a real challenge to have a relationship with one, as if they are so high up, one can’t help but feel so low down.

Relating to a woman on an equal level is something that is unlikely to happen. A man can also compromise on what he values and wants from a woman, just to get close to a woman.

And as a woman is not perfect, this can only lead to self delusion and to feeling as though one has been let down. If one woman doesn’t fulfil this idea, then another one may be sought that does. This cycle could go on and on, but the result will be the same.


So if a woman is simply a human being and is therefore not perfect, it means that a lot of projection is taking place. The man who worships women is not seeing women as they are; he is seeing what he wants to see.

And through this process taking place, it is allowing a man to feel a certain way. So even though it seems as though the women is enabling them to feel this way, it is all coming from within the man. If anything, a woman is just a trigger in the whole process.


During this process of being with a woman, a man can feel all kinds of feelings. It can feel as though they have become whole once more or for the first time in their life. Here a man can feel: accepted, loved, connected, empowered, important and fulfilled.

And as a man can feel these things through being with a woman, it can feel as though they are in control as to whether they feel them or not. What a woman is doing is allowing a man to get in touch with what already exists within.

The Mother Figure

In most cases, it was the mother who first caused a man to feel these feelings. As a boy, the mother is often seen as a godlike figure. And this is because she has so much power and control.

Whether their needs and wants are met will often depend on how responsive the mother is. So when she is responsive and emotionally available, it will enable the child to feel the feelings above. And in most cases this process will take place, but when one is brought up by a mother that is not responsive or available, there is going to be challenges.

Here, one is going to experience many moments where they feel: abandoned, rejected, powerless, hopeless, empty, alone, betrayed and worthless. These feelings are then likely to be pushed out of the Childs awareness and end up being trapped in their body.

Later Life

As time passes and the boy becomes man, there will be the unconscious tendency to see certain women as they saw their mother. And the power she had in defining how they felt will be given to other women.

The more emotionally unstable a man feels within in relation to his mother and the feminine aspect, the more likely he is to worship a woman. If he didn’t feel these feelings and felt more of a balance within, women would generally be seen as fellow human beings.


Projection is not bad per se; it is part of what creates attraction to a woman and what attracts a woman to a man. And yet when there is a lot much projection going on, it can simply create separation between the sexes.

As a man let’s go of the past and starts to realise that a lot of what he is looking for in a woman already exists within, it will be possible to see women from a more balanced place. One will be speaking to their equal, as opposed to someone from another planet.

This process can be assisted through the assistance of a therapist or healer who allows one to get in touch with their feelings and release them; or through some kind of self study.

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