If one had the chance to get something for free, they could either take what they need or they could take as much as they could. Another way of looking at this would be to say that they can act with grace or they can act with greed.

Two Outlooks

When one only takes what they need, it could be said that that they are behaving in the right way. Yet if they end up taking more than they need, it could be said that they are taking advantage of the situation.
In the first case, one has the ability to think about their own needs and the needs of others; whereas in the second case, this is not something that is taking place.


Through having the ability to empathise, not only will one benefit from what is taking place; it will also allow other people to benefit. In their mind, they could believe that they are in a fortunate position.

Therefore, they are not going come to the conclusion that they are entitled to take as much as they want. If they were to take more than they needed, they would probably end up feeling guilty.

The Absence

When one is unable to put their own needs to one side and to think about other people, it could mean that their behaviour has a negative effect on others. It could then be normal for them to believe that they deserve to take as much as they want.

It is then not that they are being given a gift; it is that they are being given what they are entitled to. Through having this outlook, there is not much chance that they will end up feeling guilty.


But if they were to think about others during this time, they may begin to think about how they would do the same thing. Therefore, even if they didn’t take more than they needed, other people would.

Through having this outlook, they can come to believe that they are only doing what other people would do if they had the chance. What this would show is that they are unable to see that not everyone sees life in the same way.


So although they are unable to out themselves in another person’s shoes; what they can do is project their perspective onto others. It is then not that they have a certain outlook - it is that everyone has the same outlook as them.

This shows that they are completely attached to what it kiang place within them and as a result of this; it is not possible for them to observe their own inner processes. And all the time they continue to be this way, there is not much chance of them experiencing life differently.

Everyday Life

However, while the above is going to be one example of how someone can take advantage of other peoples goodwill, it is also something that can take place in their day-to-day life. When this happens, it could relate to the people they come into contact with on a regular basis, as well as the people they meet on the odd occasion.

These kinds of people could do something for them or offer them something and instead of acting in a respectable manner, they could end up taking advantage of them. And if they don’t do this all the time, it could be something that takes place every now and then.

Instant Impact

When this is something that happens all the time, someone could up feeling as though they have been used. It could then be normal for them to feel angry or they could end up feeling down.

If they are friends with the person who has taken advantage of their kindness, this could be something that they have become accustomed to. It could then be said that that their relationship with the other person is not very healthy.

Now And Then

However, if this is something that takes place every now and then, it is still going to have a negative effect on their relationships. Yet when they do this to people they rarely see, they might not be around to face the consequences of their actions.

It is clear to see that one’s relationships are going to suffer all the time they behave in this way. They could end up in a position where they no longer have any close friends, and the people they take advantage of from time to time could also avoid them.


When one takes advantage of another person’s kindness, it could be said that they see it as a weakness. They may believe that if they were to behave in the same way, someone would end up taking advantage of them.

So the only way that they have to protect themselves is to stop themselves from being kind and to take advantage of others. This shows that they are living in the past as opposed to living in the present moment.

A Deeper Look

There could have been a time in their life where they were taken advantage off and this then set them up to believe that if they don’t take advantage of other people, other people will take advantage of them. While this could have been during their adult years, there is a greater chance that it was during their childhood.


So unless they take the time to look into what took place and then work through the pain that they experienced, they are likely to continue to see life in the same way. If they want to change their life, it may be important for them to reach out for support.

This support can come from a therapist and/or a support group.

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