It is often said that women are more intuitive than men, and this could be due to a number of reasons. One reason is because they are often more in touch with their feelings. Men on the other hand, are often more logical and out of touch with how they feel.

This is simply a generalisation though; as some men are going to be in touch with how they feel and some women are going to be out of touch with how they feel. And while this much is true, it can still be said that women have a greater connection to their intuition than men do.


Having this connection is going to enhance a woman’s life in more ways than one. It won’t matter what area of their life is in question, as each area of their life can be improved through having it.

So this can be: their career; the relationships they have with others; what they need to eat or avoid and where they should or should not go for example. It will also allow them to know how their loved ones are feeling and if they need anything.

There are many things that intuition can do to improve one’s life. Perhaps the main thing it does is allow one to avoid what is not right for them and to experience what it right for them.


When one ignores such a powerful source of information, there is the chance that they will suffer in some way. At times this might be minimal, but at other times it could be severe. It can all depend on what it relates to and if there is the chance to do something else once a decision has been made.

Sometimes, it could relate to a decision that is unable to be altered. And at other times, one will still have the opportunity to make another decision.

The Ideal

So the ideal will be for a woman to listen to her intuition, and one area where this will be extremely important is when it comes to their relationships. Through doing this, it will allow her to avoid men who are not right for her or to move on from a relationship that is not healthy.

She may realise that someone is no good for her without needing her intuition. Or it could be a situation where the guy appears to be fine and yet, her intuition is telling her something else. But it won’t matter if appearances are deceiving, as her intuition will be there to make sure it doesn’t go any further.


Through listening to their intuition or gut, they are stopping themselves from experiencing a lot of drama and hurt. So their intuition is there to protect them and to keep them out of harm’s way.

Problems are going to arise when they completely ignore their intuition. Now, most women are going to have moments where they ignore their intuition, but this is going to be different to when a woman doesn’t listen to it at all.

The Wrong Ones

When this happens, a woman is going to have to rely on how men present themselves - appearances will be all important. And while not every man in the world is out to deceive women, not every man has clear intentions either.

This doesn’t mean their intuition has therefore completely disappeared; as they could be well aware of it. It is informing them of everything they need to know, but that’s as far as it goes. And if they are not listening to their intuition, it means their actions are being defined by something else.


If this conflict didn’t exist, it would be easier for them to not only listen to their intuition, but to act upon it. And the reason they are experiencing conflict is likely to be due to what is going on for them emotionally.

Emotions can be extremely powerful; so much of what we do as human beings is defined by how we feel. This means that one’s intuition can easily be overlooked in favour of ones emotional needs.

Emotional Needs

These emotional needs can be a combination of one’s adult needs and the needs that were not met during their childhood. And when it relates to the needs that were not met during their childhood, there is the chance that they will have a lot of power.

So when they meet someone who acts in a certain way, it won’t matter if another part of them knows this is nothing more than a facade, as their emotional neediness will take over.

Here, a woman can have the need to be: held, loved, appreciated, validated and accepted, as well as the need to feel safe and secure.


All the time a woman is emotionally needy, there is going to be the chance that she won’t act upon what her intuition is telling her. This means that it will be important for her to process her unmet childhood needs.

As they relate to unmet childhood needs, it will mean that other adults won’t be able to meet all of them. They will have to be grieved, as this is done, one will begin to feel less needy.

And this will make it easier for them to work with their intuition, instead of against it. These needs can be grieved with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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