If one is in a relationship, they could begin to wonder what has happened to it. This could be a sign that it is no longer having the same effect on them as it used to have.

What this could show is that they haven’t been putting in as much effort as they did in the past. Perhaps they have spent more time at work than they usually do, or their partner is not as available as they were in the past.

Another Direction

At a deeper level, this could show that they are no longer on the same page, so to speak. For one reason or another, they are not going to have the same kind of connection as they did before.

It could be said that things like this happen, and that there is nothing that one can do about it. At the end of the day, human beings are individuals, and this means that they have their own paths to follow.

No Guarantees

If this wasn’t the case, there is as strong chance that a lot of relationships would last a lot longer than they do. Each person would then have the same needs, and there would be no reason for them to experience conflict.

As this is not how life works, there is always the chance one person can end up having the desire to experience life differently. And it is not going to be possible for them to stay with the same person.


When this happens, it doesn’t mean that one person is good and another is bad; it is simply part of life. Even if one was to change, it doesn’t mean that the other person would stay.

Their time together will have come to an end, and the more they try to resist this the harder their life will be. In this scenario, the best thing for them to do will be to accept what is taking place.

The Same Experience

One thing they could do to make it easier could be to imagine that they are in the same position. This can then give them a sense of what the other person is going through, and why they are unable to continue.

There could be a point in time when one will experience life in the same way, and it won’t matter what has happened between them. They will know that their life is about to take a different direction.

Another Factor

Alternatively, this could simply show that both of them need to spend more time together, and to go back to what they used to do in the past. If they were to put more effort in, they could soon find that their relationship changes.

And if one of them was to say that they had grown apart, it could simply be a way for them to escape. It may then only be a matter of time before they end up doing the same thing with someone else.

A Legitimate Concern

However, the reason one is thinking about what is going on in their relationship could be because of another reason. Based on their partner’s behaviour, they could come to believe that they are cheating.

There could be a number of things that have stood out for quite some time, or this may be something that they have only just started to think about. Either way, they are going to want to find out what is taking place.

A Closer Look

When they think about how their partner has been behaving, they could think about how much time they spend at work. In the past, they might have been back at a certain time and now they spend far more time there.

Along with this, they could have the need to see someone who they haven’t seen for a while, and this could be something that happens on a regular basis. Ultimately, their behaviour is going to be different to how it used to be.

One Approach

What one could then do is to talk to their friends about what is taking place, as this will give them the opportunity to hear another person’s point of view. They could also take a step back from what is taking place within them and see if they are simply jumping to conclusions.

If there is sufficient evidence to back up what they believe, they could talk to their partner about what is going on for them. And through owning what is taking place for them, as opposed to pointing the figure at their partner, it can allow them to find out about what is going on.

Another Reason

Yet, while there is the chance that their partner is up to something, there could be more to it. Instead, what this can show is that the person who is cheating is actually the person they see in the mirror each day.

But while this is the case, one could have disconnected from what is taking place within them, and this is why they are blaming their partner for their own behaviour. Out of their inability to experience their own guilt, they project their guilt onto their partner.


When one accuses their partner of cheating, it can be hard for them to comprehend what is taking place. They can end up feeling guilty and upset, and these are the emotions that one should be experiencing as a result of what they have been doing.

There is going to be no reason for their partner to feel this way, but due to how they are being treated, it is to be expected. The sooner they are able to realise what is happening, the better their life will be.


If one is able to take responsibility for their own behaviour, they might be able to save their relationship. But if they continue to behave in this way, they could end up destroying it.

During this time, it might be a good idea for them to seek external support, as this will allow them to be more objective. This is something that can be provided by a therapist.

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