When it comes to buying a motor scooter, the choice is often confined to deciding on whether to buy the gas scooters or opt for the electric scooter. Learning about the respective advantages of these two types of motor scooters could immensely help the buyer in making his or her choice.

When Gas Scooter is Better?

Gas scooters would be better if the buyer is looking for –

Vehicle matching a fast life style;
When a little weight does not matter but more power and speed is the essence for the buyer;
When the buyer has convenient storage space in his or her house that won’t create any inconvenience for the inmates with foul gas smells; and
The user wishes to travel longer distances at one go.
When Electric Scooter is Better?

On the other hand electric scooter also has several advantages –

It is lightweight and most public transports allow carrying them along with;
People who are living on the higher floors in a building will find carrying it on the elevator easier and convenient;
Storage of electric scooters are easier as they do not emit any smell;
Electric scooters are eco-friendly and also gives low convulsions which is good for health of the user; and
They are very useful for short distance travels.
Comparative Downside of Gas Scooters

It is little bit weighty and may not be convenient for carrying to heights;
Public transports usually do not allow carrying them alongside; and
Storage at home may be a problem for those who do not have sufficient space and may have to store the scooter in their living or drawing room as it may emit unfriendly smell of gas.
Comparative Downside of Electric Scooters

In comparison to gas scooters they are less powerful;
Electric scooters are slower than gas scooters in speed; and
They may run to the extent of 10-15 miles with one charge and then recharging battery would be necessary.
In any case, the selection will depend on the requirements and budget of the end user. Gas scooters are more expensive in comparison while electric scooters are less expensive but the nature of works to be carried out will determine the choice.

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