The benefits of a good soak cannot be understated. There is much known about the benefits of sweating out toxins. Now a sauna or a steam bath may not be something that you encounter in our daily life or budget. There is a way to get the benefits of sweating in a sauna or steam bath right in the comfort of your own home. Simply, take a very hot bath, sit there and let the sweat flow.
One way to help steam it up and get those sweat glands releasing toxins is to close the curtains and shut the bath room door. You can do so much to add to your steamy experience.

One of the best bath practices to lift your spirits is an energy bath. You can increase the benefits of your bath experience by adding Sea/Ebson salt and baking soda. The sea/Epson salt adds positive ions and the baking soda draws out negative ions. Use 2x Epson Salt to 1x baking soda.

To make time for a bath is a good way to ensure you are taking care of you. Water is so cleansing and as a result redeeming in submerging yourself in water and letting go of your problems for a moment.

Worries tend to float away as you sit and soak away your tensions. Close your eyes and draw the breath up from your feet and let the exhale flow down you like a river of golden light. Focus for a moment on each of the muscle groups as you move from your feet to your head, relax each part and just allow yourself to feel good.

Let go of all your aches and pains, take 20 minutes to soak and sweat out all the negative toxins of your time stressed existence. Feel the warmth reaching your limbs and take a moment to be grateful. It is during times of blissful indulgence that you can really appreciate the blessings of your life.

Bring a good book that you don’t mind getting a little damp. Or just turn out the lights and light a candle. Know that by letting this ritual do its work you are bettering yourself in all ways. Your mind, body and spirit will say “Ahhh…”

Another way to relax quickly and easily is to exhale long and deep and then inhale naturally the long exhale will cause a deep inhale. As you inhale feel the air entering your body, this will help you get conscious of your present state. When you are conscious you relax.

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Michele Howe Clarke, Certified QSCA Coach, MBA and bestselling author of Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble. Michele is a thriver who shares how she emerged alive, vibrant and victorious from disfiguring Head and Neck cancer. She is also an experienced speaker, real estate investor, entrepreneur with over 12 years of experience in investment banking. She has walked her talk and she truly knows what it takes to make the difference that really matters in life. She is a powerful Change Agent who empowers you to make change easy so you can claim your value and enjoy your success now!