As you might know, to relax is of the utmost importance. Especially people who suffer from anxiety and stress, should try to relax as often as possible. You can relax with very easy steps. The relaxation is very powerful all the same. For example, if you yawn, your whole body relaxes.
The same is true if you wear a smile on your face. You can literally feel how all muscles start relaxing while you smile. You see, you don’t need any tools or equipment in order to relax your whole body. With a relaxed body, your mind will also relax and your thoughts will calm down.
When you are relaxed your worries or your anxiety don’t bother you. On the contrary, you will be more satisfied or even feel happiness. These positive feelings improve your overall health. Just do these simple steps, not only when you feel tense. They can become a habit and help you cope better with life and its challenges.
There are other ways to relax. You do not need to use your movements. You can relax yourself with your mind. This commands your body’s relaxation. Tell your feet to completely relax, then you tell your ankles to relax, you go along to your calves, to your knees, to your thighs, to your hips, to your back, lower back, middle back, upper back and shoulders. Then you tell your neck to relax, your head, your chest and your stomach. If you want to relax also your inner organs, you may say, for example, my chest is relaxing together with all its organs and systems. You say the same for your head, for your back, for your stomach or abdomen. These systems are the muscles, the nerves, the blood circulation, the lymph circulation and whatever else there may be inside your body, especially also the energetic systems.
All of them can be relaxed with this simple invitation you do by thinking or even mentally pronouncing the various parts of your body.
All parts of your body can be relaxed in this way and you will certainly feel your relaxation. This is a way to keep your mind occupied so that there are no disturbing thoughts that might void your relaxation. Your mind is the tool to your body’s relaxation. Once you can feel this complete relaxation, your mind will also calm down and, maybe, you will even fall asleep. In any case, you reach this complete relaxation within a very short time. Once you are used to relaxing yourself, you can even make it shorter. You just tell your body that you want to relax and you will do so in 10 seconds or less.

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I am a professional translator, coach and EFT,EmoTrance, Remap, SpringForestQiGong Instructor and Teacher. My aim is to help people get rid of their anxiety and related problems.