In our fast moving environment it is very important that everyone learns techniques to relax with stress management. This is because of the competitions we face in our day to day life. As there are various levels of pressure in all our actions and activities, it would be very hard for a normal person to compete. This will cause serious negative stresses in the person with it affecting the body physically. It is important to learn methods to reduce stress.

How to begin the relaxation practice

If you are a beginner, It is difficult to start practicing the relaxation methods as there are many ways to begin with. You can start with simple techniques such as breathing, stretching or meditating, or with advanced relaxation practices like yoga and Tai Chi. For a beginner to start with, these will be little difficult because your mind would not cope with the practices, and as a result, it will make your frame of mind to change from time to time. These are also because of the stress levels residing in you.

To attain all the benefits of such relaxation programs and techniques, you need to practice them regularly and every day. This will not take much of your time. You can practice these techniques for 10 to 20 minutes every day. The best time to practice them would be in the morning or the evening. That will help you have a pleasant day, and sleep soundly.

To get maximum benefits from the practice follow the methods below:

Schedule your practice time and do not change it at any cost. It is very important that you fix a schedule either once or twice a day. This schedule has to be followed strictly without any compromises to get the maximum benefit.
Make sure you do not fix the time at night that would be conflicting with your bed time.
Do not select an exercise method that will end up in stress. Follow a simple method and perform it to your comforts so that you are relaxed while practicing.
Sit straight with your hands on the lap and stomach.
When you breathe in through the nose your stomach should rise and your chest should have little movements too.
Exhale through your mouth; make sure that you exhale with maximum force.
Continue the process while taking notes of the rise and fall of the stomach.

The exercise for body and mind
To shed stress from the body and mind there are various methods. Above we were discussing mainly about the stress relief for the brain. The other stress relief methods are yoga and others. To get the maximum benefits from these techniques you need to find a quiet and calm place as usual and start performing the breathing exercise. Once you are done with it, start squeezing your body parts from the foot, and eventually move upwards. Count the squeezes in mind and continue the process slowly until it is relaxed. Focus on the release of the tension of the part of the body.

The main two methods and techniques used in stress management methods are yoga and meditation. These are subjected to slow and steady movements and stretching. This helps you to relieve all the stress and tensions from your body mind and soul. This is the reason that this method is most suitable and recommended for self practices.

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