Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic method to resolve a person’s issue, be it addiction, bad habits, improve performance or tackle certain illnesses.

In hypnotherapy process, the hypnotherapist will generally use a long induction method to induce deeper relaxation in the hypnotized person. The induction could take up to 20 minutes to half an hour. You don’t see that in stage hypnosis, where the hypnotist would usually use a rapid induction method to hypnotize a person in seconds. This would not be preferable in a proper hypnosis session where resolving issue is the main priority.

It is therefore important that a person is relaxed in both his mind and body in order to carry out the hypnosis to a certain effect. If the person is not totally relaxed, it could impede the flow of suggestions into his subconscious mind.

In fact, what a person could take away in a hypnotherapy session is Relaxation (assuming the suggestions made to resolve his issue is not that effective). There is nothing to lose in this situation. The person who can completely relax himself during the session has indeed gained a priceless gift.

In our society today, everything seems to be moving rapidly. Things change very fast, especially in technology. Things that are new a few months ago could be outdated in this moment. Skills set that need to be acquired in order to be able to be employable is also changing. As an employee, we need to keep up with these changes or else our employment would be threatened. This area alone is stressful – especially if a person is of an older age above 50 years old. The learning ability and memory may have started to go downhill. To keep up with the change is a real, big stress.

Another area that changes extremely fast is information. Information changes even faster than technology. To keep up with information could be a full-time job. If your job revolves around information, then it is rather stressful.

Learning to let go and relax is therefore a luxury in today’s world. However, for people who live in a developed country or in a modern city, they can hardly find time to relax and unwind themselves. Even if they have time, they would prefer to gather around at the Pub for a few drinks. This is a way of relaxation to them.

But if we were to have a proper definition of the word “relaxation”, this form of relaxing does not fit into the definition. True relaxation is the unwinding of the mind and body, where the muscles are relaxed and not tense up. It is a total relaxation from head to toe until the person either feels very heavy or light (depending on individual).

Once we knEw what true relaxation is, the next step is how to go about relaxing. You may think it is a simple process. True relaxation is usually best achieved through some external help like listening to a soothing music with some nature sound as background or seeking a trained professional who can help in guiding you step-by-step.

Especially if you are working in a job that demands of your acute attention and high alertness on a frequent basis, getting you to relax would prove to be a challenge. True relaxation is about reaching a steady deep breathing; a heat beat that slows down; the muscles all over the body let go of tension and the mind is slowly free from the clutter.

Hypnotherapy can truly help you to relax and let go. Some people visit a hypnosis clinic purely for relaxation purpose.

Author's Bio: 

My name is Kelvin Ho. I am a certified hypnotherapist from National Guild of Hypnotist and a Master Hypnotist from Regional Hypnosis Centre. I have other professional qualifications that include Certified Human Behaviour Analyst from The Institute of Leadership of America; Certified Trainer from American Union of NLP.

I was a trainer that conducted short hypnosis courses in Community Clubs for the public.

I have written a physical book titled “Wisdom from Space”. The central theme is on Perspective. Also, I have written an e-book titled “Everyone experiences hypnosis but not everyone can be hypnotized” which is currently on Amazon online bookstore. Another of my e-book on “5 Reasons Why Hypnosis Is A Good Alternative Medicine” is free and can be found in my blog – www.whiteglovehypnotist.com.