When you are comfortable with yourself you release all expectations of others. I say this in part because Valentine’s Day is approaching and there will be many hearts that get broken because they expect others to fulfill their wishes. There is an easy evaluation of this. If you squeeze a bunch of lemons you cannot be shocked when they produce lemon juice. The same generalization applies to expectations of love. If you are with someone who does not feel love, or know how to love, you cannot be surprised when he does not know how to show it. There is only two ways to work that particular situation, accept it for what it is, or you can change it.
You cannot truly love someone else until you love yourself first. How do you expect someone to show you respect if you don’t respect yourself? Think about it. Love yourself first means that you have to embrace how you feel and what is important to you. Love who you are and respect your body and your thought processes. If you are single, embrace it. If you are married, embrace it. Whatever your circumstance is, be happy with yourself in that circumstance.
If you are in a relationship, it is like a balancing act. It is both yin and yang. One person should bring out the best qualities in the other. A relationship should enhance who you are, without expectations or limits put upon it. You could be absolutely terrible at doing something and your partner is great at it, you balance each other out. I do not like to cook; my husband is a great cook. He makes the biggest mess in the kitchen, but that’s fine, I clean it up and it doesn’t bother me because he is such a good cook and the food is delicious. Now if he didn’t cook, that wouldn’t bother me because I don’t expect him to. He does it because it is something that he enjoys. It’s funny because I really just noticed this. I always tell him how wonderful the food tastes and what an awesome job he did, and he always tells me, “thank you for cleaning up my mess.”
People are always searching for someone, and it’s sad because it puts them in a state of desperation. Nothing good comes out of a state of desperation; the goal is to never be put there.
Know who you are and what you want in your life. Learn what you can live with or without. Say all the positives about yourself daily, once you can say them and accept them as reality, then you can love someone else.

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